Short Stories

Just a bunch of original stories! :)


1. The Wall

~~To be honest, I’ve never really been popular, first choice or anything. I’m the weirdo who sits by themselves in class and at lunch. The only thing that really keeps me from my bad thoughts is reading. In fact as I’m writing this I am in the library right now. I just found a weird letter in a book. The letter read “I am watching you. Meet me in the alley behind the library at 6:00. And yes I am writing to you Rose. Tell no one!” I have no idea how this person knew I would see this but I did and it was 5:56. I had 4 minutes to get there or I don’t even know what would happen. I shove the note in my pocket and run out the door leaving the book on the table. Once I get there the smell hit me right away. It smelt like rotting animals and the ground was slippery. It was dark too so I took out my mini flash light from my backpack and turned it on. It made a little light but not enough that I could see the wall right in front of me that was now squishing my face. There was no one there. Was this a joke? Because I didn’t think it was funny. I went home and went straight to bed. Can’t wait for tomorrow (note the sarcasm).
I woke up the next morning and since it was Friday I had to get ready for school. Since I was a guy I was pretty quick. I brushed my teeth, got dressed and combed my hair because it was long and covered some of my face. Finally I walked to the bus stop right as the bus got there. I got on and people started throwing balled up paper at me. How nice. I sat in my seat where my only friend for 5 years now sat. We talked until we got to school then went our separate ways. For my lunch period I just went to the library to read. I pulled out a book and flipped through it real quick. As I flipped on page 666 there was another weird letter. It read “I see you actually listened. I didn’t think you would actually go but since you did now I can trust you. Meet me in the same place after school, I have something to show you. Oh and try not to run into another wall… see you later!” ok now this is scary. I could have sworn there was no one in that alley.
After school I walked to the library and said hi to the librarian aka my guardian angel (not legit) and then walked to the alley that still reeked of rotting animals. Good thing it wasn’t really dark out yet so I didn’t run into anything that could squash my face, but I walked all the way to the end and there was no wall. What the heck did I run into then? I turned around to walk back towards the library but about halfway down I heard footsteps following me. I started to walk a bit faster, so did the footsteps. I started to speed walk, so did the footsteps. I started to jog, so did the footsteps. At that point I was running, and so was the footsteps. I didn’t dare to look back to see how close it was to me but it felt like it was trying to grab for me. As I was running I wasn’t really paying attention to where I was going and ran into a wall and fell back. Too bad this time it wasn’t a wall that I smashed my face on. It was a tall dark figure and no matter how hard I tried to focus on his facial features I couldn’t. but I didn’t get up to run because I already could tell my fate, what’s crazy is that I didn’t care that my life was about to end. I don’t know if it was because I was secretly wanting to for a while or if it was because this thing made it so welcoming. It was too late to protest now, he was already down on the ground putting a gun in my hand and making it shoot my temple.

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