A new host?

When Akane is out searching for her sister what will she find in abandoned music room #3


9. chapter 9: tricksters gonna be tricksters

Chapter 9: tricksters gonna be tricksters

Akanes p.o.v

Yoko and I were walking down the hallway talking about our boyfriends... Like we always do. This girl came up to us and was shouting her head off about a prank... Our minds went to conclusion and thought of the boys. We walked passed her, down the hallway into the music room when BAM water splashed all over us.... Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin stood there laughing like crazy... You should have seen the look on Yoko's face BOY WAS SHE MAD.... All I could do was laugh too *laughs* "Why on earth are you laughing?!?!" Yoko said "because..... You're face!" I laughed out the words. She turned as red as a tomato..... Tricksters gonna be tricksters.....

(A/n over due chapter I had a lot of school stuff to do >.< special shout out to the birthday girl @ferretsrock982 happy birthday best friend :3)

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