A new host?

When Akane is out searching for her sister what will she find in abandoned music room #3


7. chapter 7: Akane's and hikaru'a first date

Chapter 7: Akane's and hikaru'a first date

Me an hikaru.... Outside in the park under the moonlight....alone....or so we thought...........

Hikaru and I were holding hands... This was a private date that no one knew about not even kaoru. I looked at hikaru's face... Something was on his mind... But what? "Hikaru are you ok?" I asked "no it's just I feel like I'm being watched...." I looks around but nothing's to be seen "come out come out wherever you are!" I chanted over and over but no sign of anyone being there but us "no one is here hikaru... Maybe it's your imagination." "Maybe your right Akane-" he cut of short before smashing his lips to mine.... *5 minutes later* we were sitting on the grass watching the moon.... (Imagine soul eaters moon being there.... He's not creepy guys....) I lauded my head on his chest and eventually fell asleep

(A/n sorry short chapter.... Dun dun dun... Cliff hanger what happens next????? •3•)

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