A new host?

When Akane is out searching for her sister what will she find in abandoned music room #3


6. chapter 6: Yoko's story

Chapter 6: Yoko's story

Yoko's p.o.v


I was walking down the halls... Bullies everywhere. They'd call me ugly and do anything they could to hurt me... That day I had enough. I stumbled upon music room #3 I ran in... I didn't pay attention to the rose petals and light I ran to the nearest wall sat down and cried... But that's when I....... Met the host club.... "Why, beautiful ladies like yourself don't need to cry what's wrong?" A boy with orangish hair held out his hand, I grabbed it in return and stood up "I-it's the bullies." I mumbled "well if you stay here we won't let them get to you I promise... We promise." He said "I'm yoko..." "I'm kaoru." He replied back and gave a soft smile till then I've loved kaoru.....


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