A new host?

When Akane is out searching for her sister what will she find in abandoned music room #3


4. chapter 4: a friend of the host club

Chapter 4: a friend of the host club

Akane's p.o.v

When I walk in the doors of the music room with haruhi everyone is there "are we really that late?" We said we put our bags down and walked to the tables

The host club is now open for business

This girl named.... Yoko? Walked through the door "yoko-chan!" Honey yelled she smiled and walked over to him. She had long brown hair with brown eyes, she had on a pink dessert with tights and was carrying a light purple parasol.

3 hours later

Yoko and I were talking she said that she knows haruhi's secret and can tell that I'm a girl she told me she loves to help the twins play pranks, oh boy another prankster. She's really nice we might become good friends one day

(A/n yay! I introduced ferretsrock982's character :3 anyways sorry if this chapter sucks, I think it does I don't know my creativity has gone :/ well anyways I tried my best chapter 5 coming soon)

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