A new host?

When Akane is out searching for her sister what will she find in abandoned music room #3


3. chapter 3: you have what?!?!

Chapter 3 ~you have what?!?~

Haruhi I hate lying to you... I'm trying my hardest not to tell you why I came here in the first place it wasn't because aunt died it was because... No I can't say even if I can't take it no more I can't have you worrying not on a time like this... We walk into the host room ready for work should I tell her now? I-I have too "haruhi I have something I need to tell you..." "Ok? What is it Akane?" "Don't worry please I can't have you worrying ok... I didn't come because aunt died I came because..." Akane starts to cry "I-I have cancer." Haruhi starts tearing up and soon starts crying "how come you never told me before." "I never wanted to hurt you or for you to worry so I took it among myself to come here... Anyway we need to get ready..." "Ok Akane." ~the host club is now open for business~ ((Akane's host name is masumi)) "oh masumi tell us about you're self." A host club guest says "well for starters I'm haruhi's long lost brother, we lost are mom when we were very young, I was sent to live with our aunt and uncle because our parents couldn't afford two children I lived most of my life with them I got to see papa and mama some times just not haruhi senpai... I developed cancer at a very young age I slowly am dying but that never brings me down..." "AWWWW masumi that's so sad can we please reserve to sit with you tomorrow?" "I'd love that ladies." ~after school~ "Akane you have cancer?" Everyone but haruhi says "yeah :( meaning I might not be around very long." Hikaru starts crying Akane blushes and goes and hugs him Hikaru is shocked and pleased as he hugs he he whispers in her ear he likes her chills go down her spine and says she likes him too they stop hugging and the air is filled with a awkward silence ((end of chapter 3))

(A/n dun dun dun plot twist let me know if Akane should survive or not...)

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