A new host?

When Akane is out searching for her sister what will she find in abandoned music room #3


2. chapter 2: first day as a host!

Chapter 2 ~ A new host~

I walk in the music room I change and wait until the opening of the host club today's income I'm new I sit and observe today I'm watching tamaki senpai the so called "host club king." Psh yeah right they are crazy leaving him in charge. I fake a smile as I watch him. He shows me how to act when talking to a lady, how to flirt with a lady (not my idea of fun), and how to be a gentle man. I don't know much considering I'm a girl but it was quite fun watching him whine and mope about someone not liking him I never did say I didn't like him I just simple said I don't play his dumb games. After school I go home with haruhi. " so we have some catching up to do..." Haruhi says "yeah, how has dad been since mom died." I say "depressed." Haruhi replies we get to the apartment and go inside "PAPA!" I run twords papa "Akane!" He says in a shocked voice. Akane hugs papa "I kissed you so much and I miss mama..." Akane starts crying in papas shirt. "So Akane you're back from my brothers house. For good now?" "In not sure papa I wanna stay with you and sis but you don't have room..." "You can share a room with me Akane." Haruhi says "OH HARUHI DO YOU REALLY MEAN IT!" "Yeah it would be fun." Akane hugs haruhi. ~next morning~ "haruhi!" Akane shouts "hurry or you will be late to school." Haruhi and Akane get dressed and walk to school together "today is my offical day as a host! I'm so excited haruhi I just can't take it!☻." Akane takes out her phone "here haru-chan lets take picture." "Ok..." Akane takes a pic and sets it as her screen saver a moment that will never be forgotten....not even in the hardest times that dwells within life and death... ((End of chapter two, sorry it was really short))

(A/n do forgive me I wrote this a long time ago and you might find the name katsumi in there just to clear things up that was originally goin to be the name if her)

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