Your mom tells you that you are related to Ashton Irwin from 5 Seconds of Summer, and you'll be spending some time with them...

Can This Change your Fate?


1. News

Chapter 1


Hi I'm Aly, 18, I live in Australia, and apparently my life turned upside down when my mom told me news that can. Change. My. Life...


"UGH MOM, CAN'T IT WAIT 5 MINUTES, I'M CHANGING?!" I say with desperation in my voice.

"Fine, but hurry I have some news"

I change as quickly as possible, and kiss my poster of 5SOS, and look at Ashton Irwin, saying, "When will I ever meet you?"

"ALY" Mom yells from the kitchen.

"Shit." I say to myself.


I come downstairs, then my mom looks at me. "I have something to tell you"

"Spill it."

"Ok, well I just found your brother..."

"What?!" I say with disbelief "You promised I was an only child!"

"Wait there's more." She says with hesitation. "Your staying with him. While he is on tour."


"Yes. He's in a band, their name is 5SOS, ever heard of them?"

"WHAT?!" I say.

"So I see." She smirks. "His name is Ashton."

"WHAT?! NO IT CANT BE!" I cried out loud. He has always been my favorite.

"Sweetie-" She gets cutoff by the doorbell. "Ooh here he is!"

I shake my head and wait in the kitchen.

"Hey.." Says a deep voice, I look down.

"Hi." I say shyly

"I'm Ashton" He sticks his hand out. "I know." I reply.

"Introduce yourself?" "Oh, right! Sorry, I'm Aly" I apologize.

"Don't sweat it."


Hope you liked this first chapter!

x Kyles

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