Your mom tells you that you are related to Ashton Irwin from 5 Seconds of Summer, and you'll be spending some time with them...

Can This Change your Fate?


2. Meeting the Guys

Chapter 2

Meeting the Guys

"You wanna go out to a cafe?" With eagerness in my voice. Well duh I want him to invite the other guys.

He chuckles, "Sure, can the other guys come?"

"m'Kay!" Ugh I never say that, but let's be honest, I was literally screaming in my head.

"Dumb fuck!" I mutter under my breath, hoping Ashton wouldn't hear.

He smirks, "Ooh someone's touchy today."


"Let's just go." I said

"Okay" He shrugs it off.

Great. He probably thinks I'm weird now.

•30 minutes later•

"So Aly, these are the guys, you probably know them, but" He shrugs, then points to Luke, Michael, and Calum, "this is Luke, Michael, and Calum."


I laugh and yell too "NICE TO MEET YOU TOO!"

The guys and I laugh.

"Let's ride my car." I said

"Okay" They say in unison. "Weird" I think.

We go to ROCKeteers Cafe.

And I sit in between Ash and Luke

Luke and I make eye contact and he smiles. "Hey, I'm Luke. Again."

"I know." I blush.

I had one ex. Let me tell you that I want to forget about him. He told me he was going to visit his grandmother in Canada.

Seems legit, right?

But he only has one grandmother alive, who is in Africa...

I go there (to Canada,) just to sit in a cafe and see him kissing a girl, who apparently knows about me, sees me and next thing I know he texts me and says we are over...

Moving on...

"So what's up?" Luke says.

"Not much, just got dumped, but I'm over it."

Which I'm not.

"Oh, sorry about that." He puts his hand on top of mine and I blush.

"OOH!" Michael yells and everyone in the restaurant stares at him. "Shit, sorry."

Luke and I blush, and I swat him on the head. "Ouch dude!" He yells.

We all laugh, then continue on eating.

•1 hour later•

"Let's go back guys!" Ash says with a soft smile.

"KAY" Calum says, then pumps his fist in the air.

I giggle. I swear these guys are random...


Adding the guys' POVs . Does anyone else ship Laly (Luke and Aly)?

x Kyles

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