Your mom tells you that you are related to Ashton Irwin from 5 Seconds of Summer, and you'll be spending some time with them...

Can This Change your Fate?


6. Meet & Greet...


I AM NOT DEAD... My dad just came back from Aus, so I hung out with him, then I went home (AUS), sooo I. AM. NOT. DEAD!

x Kyles



Chapter 5

<Aly's POV>

Today was the first meet and greet of 5SOS and I was so excited!

We got in and, DAMN, this plc was HUUUUUUUUGE.

I shared a table with Ashton and we were just laughing until this fan came up

"Can I talk to Aly?" She said with hopeful eyes. 

Ashton mumbled "K..."

We went to the side and then she grabbed my by the hair and spat on me "What the fuck?!"

She slapped me then stated, "Luke. Is. Mine. Touch him, you die." and with that she walked away.

I went back and Ashton rushed to my side, "The hell happened mate?!"

"Nothing." I mumbled, looking at the floor.


<Ash's POV>

>>>>After M&G<<<<

"LET US GO TO THE BELL OF TACOS, SHALL WE?" I asked while standing on the dressing room table.

Aly giggled "We shall.."


<Aly's POV>

We got to Taco Bell and hung out a little.

We were just about to get out when I ran into...






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