My Twin Idiot.


4. Chapter 4

I wake up to Starbucks and a note on the nightstand.

-Dear Bell Bell-

The guys wanted me to apologize for being a dick. Matts still kinda mad because of what you said about the dumb viner stuff. I think he may like you. But everyone went to breakfast and to the mall except for John, Mom, Luke, Kristen, and Carter. He's not feeling good so can you go check on him?

-Love your dorky brother Aaron-

I smile like crazy and get my outfit on.

•black crop top with 'b!tch don't kill my vibe' across it in gold.

•high waisted shorts

•black vans

•a 'dope' SnapBack.

As I finish getting dressed, I grab my drink and head to Carter's room and knock.

"Come in" he yells. I hear a loud bang and quickly run in to see him on the ground.

"Oh my god, Carter are you ok?"

"N-no I think my legs broke."

"Oh my gosh, I'll be back. I'll go get my mom." I quickly run out and go to my moms room that she shares with Kirsten & Kristen. I open the door to see mom on her phone and Kristen and Luke watching Tv.

"Oh hey bel-"

"Mom you need to come quick. Carter fell and he thinks his leg is broke." I say rushing them.

We run back to the run to see Carter still there. While Kristen calls the Ems I decide to call Aaron.

"Hey Bell."

"Aaron y'all need to get back to the hotel. Like now. I went to check on Carter and I heard a bang and I rushed in to him lying on the floor. And his leg might be broke ." I say.

"Okay well be there in a second were on our way."

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