My Twin Idiot.


3. Chapter 3

After we got locked out I texted Aaron, and he came and opened the door for us. But he was a little angry so Matt & I just laughed.

"So." I whisper into his ear as we stand in the elevator.

"What?" He whispers back.

"Aaron's a little wimp. We can ditch him, run to my room and lock the door behind us." I whisper to him again, this time earning an evil smile from him.

"I heard everything you just said Bella."

"And what did I say?"

"How much you two like each other."I start to choke (She's not dying) when he said that. And Matt just turned away.

"I don't like Matt. I like someone else, and I still have feelings for that guy too. But he doesn't know I exist." I say turning the other direction away from Matt and Aaron.

"Well it's not my problem your a social outcast at school. Maybe if you'd be more li-"

"More like you? Really Aaron? All you are is some dumb kid that makes stupid vines with stupid ideas just like the rest of your friends." I say, I didn't realize that I had said something wrong until Matt stormed out of the elevator and up to his door. "Dammit Aaron see what you made me do?" I chase after Matt but he slams the door in my face.

"Bella, your being a bitch right now. That's all your ever good at!"

"You know what. Fuck you Aaron. Fuck everything. Fuck life, fuck you, fuck the whole fucking world." I yell at him, noticing lots of heads looking at us standing there in awe. "I'm done with you Aaron. My whole life, you and Dustyn made me feel unimportant. Like I wasn't a Carpenter and that I never will be. Our sister made me feel wanted before the kid was born. Now, I'm nothing. Our own father broke a promise to me. Saying hell never EVER replace our mother." I say crying.

"Aaron, what's going on?" Asks my mom Becky. (Yes she stayed bc she didn't want to drive back late at night)

"Nothing just don't worry about it. I'm going to my room. I'm tired. I'm sorry for all the yelling." They all leave back into their rooms, and I decide to stay out and call my friend. But before I do, only one person stops and stares at me before going into his room. Matt.

As the phone rings, I walk up and down the hall thinking.

"Hello?" Says Bri.

"Hey Bri. What's up?"

"Nothing much, chillin with tha bæ."

"So Aidens over there?"

"Basically. Yeah, plus Kory, which low key is being a bitch. She's on her monthly." She says as we both laugh.

"The perks of being an older sister."

"As a matter of fact, how's the tour? Meet any cute guys yet?"

"Well, I kinda have a sibling like friendship with Matt. I mean it's better than Mine & Aaron's. But I missed my relationship up with him Bri." I say as I start to cry.

I end up telling her the story, she hangs up and I go to my room. And quickly fall asleep in my pjs while watching supernatural.

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