My Twin Idiot.


2. Chapter 2

"Isabella are you ready?" Asks my mom.

"Yeah, I'm ready. I'm kinda nervous because I don't really know any of them and I've never met them before." I say as we park the car in front of the hotel.

"Houston Texas were here!" Says Aaron getting out of the car. Yeah we drove here since our states are right next to each other. We live in Louisiana so mom decided to drive Aaron & I here so she can spend time with us.

"Well come on and let's go meet them!" Says my mom. We get our stuff and head to the front desk, grab our keys and are now heading to the elevator.

"Oh my god! Aaron they have a Starbucks here holy crap!" I say happily as we go up to the room. Soon there's a ding and were there.

"I love it here. Don't you Bell?"

"Yeah, it's beautiful in Texas. What's our room number again?"

"Urm it's that one right there! Can you put my stuff in there while I go to the guys' room?" He asks.

"Uh yeah I guess." I open the door an walk in with our stuff.

After being in there for about an hour or so I decide to change into some pajama pants, a black one direction shirt, and my flip flops with my hair in a messy bun and head to the other rooms. As I reach the door, I hear nothing but screeching and yelling so I knock on the door and Aaron answers it.

"Oh hey Bella." He says letting me in.

"Dude who's this?" Asks the one with the bandana. I notice there's about 2 of them looking at me, one staring at me.

"This is Bella, my sister."

"Twin sister." I say correcting him.

"I thought you only had one?" Asks the one in the SnapBack.

"No I have two. Now who wants to play truth or dare?" Asks Aaron.

We all agree and sit in a circle on the floor. All of us were in there. Jake, Luke, Chris, Crawford, Carter and you get the idea.

"Okay Bell, truth or dare." Says Aaron.


"I dare you to go into your room with Matt." I turn towards Matt and he shrugs. So we both get and head to my room and just chill.

"So tell me about yourself."

"Well, I'm Isabella Louis Carpenter, I'm the youngest carpenter other than my nephew. I sing a lot. I love beanies and snapbacks an music and Starbucks. Um i don't know what else but hey I have an idea." I say smirking.


"Why don't we ditch these guys and go grab some Starbucks and go to the venue were suppose to go to? Or go get Starbucks and go to the pool."

"The pool." He says.

"K I'm gonna change real quick." I grab my floral bikini and change in the bathroom then head out to Matt. "You coming?" I ask as I grab my stuff.

"Yup. Let's just make sure we don't get caught." He says laughing.

-------- matts POV -----

"You coming?" Asks Bella as she gets her stuff."

"Yup. Let's just make sure we don't get caught." I say as I laughing.

Right when I say that she gaps.


"I want a piggy back ride! Please?" She says.

"Why not." She hops on my back and we head to Starbucks, order our stuff then leave to the pool.

----- Bells POV ----

We lay there just chilling.

"So do you have a girlfriend?" I say hoping he'll say no.

"Um no I don't actually." He says looking at me. Oh my god, I can just fall in love with his eyes.

"Well thank you Bella. I've been told my eyes are amazing." He says laughing and drinking his drink.

"I said that out loud didn't i?" I say a bit embarrassed.

"Yeah you did. But hey, it's ok. I've heard worse than what you said. People asks me to be the father of their children."

I burst out laughing and almost fall out of my chair. I grab my phone and decide to post a selfie.

"Matt! Selfie!" I say as he looks at the camera, I snap the picture and look at it. He's making a weird face and I'm laughing. It's cute though.

"Bella, your now my new bestfriend. Okay?"


"Oh my god! The fault in our stars! Hey let's go watch a movie." He says getting up.

We head to the door, as I try to open it I realize were locked out.

"Uh oh."

"Uh oh?! What do you mean uh oh?" He says, with a tad bit of anger in his voice.

"Were locked out."

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