My Twin Idiot.


1. Chapter 1

I wake up to lots of noises in my house. Either Aaron's making lots of noise or Greyson's up playing. So I decide to get up and get dressed into a Magcon sweater with a white tank underneath, Cameron Dallas sweats, and some tie dye socks. As I head downstairs I hear a very recognizable voice. My dad.

"Daddy!" I yell running downstairs and into his arms.

"Hey Bella." He says setting me down as we hear a cough.

"Um hi. I'm still here if you didn't know." Says the voice rudely.

"Um who's this dad?"

"My girlfriend, Lauren."

"You told me you weren't with anybody, and you told me after you and mom were divorced you would never replace her." I say with tears.

"I'm sor-"

"You lied to me?! How could you." I say yelling. "I trusted you, but you lied to me." I yell running up to my room. I sit down on my bed and cry.

I decide to grab my phone and text my bestfriend Arabella.

Bell Bell- hey :(

Ara- Hey babe. What's wrong?

Bell Bell- my dad lied to me. Saying hell never get a girlfriend after my mom he said he'll never replace my mom.

Ara- Bell Bell, I'm so sorry!! But I gotta go, JJ is crying and I need to feed her. Love you lots Hun. Xoxo.

Last year when we were 14, Arabella was raped and then came Jessica Jayden Mayson. While everyone called her a slut I stuck with her. I was the one that rescued her from the dumb prick she calls a father. The one who raped her and is now in jail. Ara lives with her mom Sadie, and her brothers and daughter.

"Bella, can I come in sissy?" Asks my sister.

"Yeah, I guess." I say as she comes in with Greyson.

"I'm sorry sissy. I should've warned you. I figured he was gonna break that promise." She says setting Greyson down on my bed.

"It's ok. I guess, I mean I should be use to it by now."

"Why don't you take a break from this? I mean, Aaron's going back on your with Sunsation. And you just might get to meet that cute Matt kid."

"I doubt Aaron would want me to go. Besides I would be the only girl."

"Actually that's not true, Kirsten Collins will be there, so will Matts sister. Kristen will also be there, and Jo."

"Jo's gonna be there too?" I ask a little excited. Jo's pretty cool. We would talk now and then. But she's actually pretty cool.

"Yes she is! Now you watch him and I'll go talk to Aaron and the manager about it." She says leaving. As she leaves I look at Greyson.

"Atleast you won't lie to me. Besides to tell uncle Dustyn or uncle Aaron but your my favorite boy from the carpenter family. Unlike your grandfather." I say as he laughs. Oh did I mention that the manager is our mom? She's Aaron & Dustyns manager of course.

------- skipping to dinner time -----

"So Bella. I heard you wanted to go on tour with me." Says Aaron taking a sip of his water.

"Uh yeah I did."

"Well Candi talked to me about it and I talked to the sunsation people and they said they would love to have you on tour. I also sent them a video of you singing and they loved it!" Says my mom.

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