Love Me For Me

Everyone knows him as Harry Styles. Cute and charming boy from One Direction. But what they don’t know is that he is actually gay. Management will not let him come out, because it could possibly ruin the future for him and his band.
But what happens when he decides to get enrolled in Cheshire High. Taking the identity of Marcel Styles, a geeky nerd with an annoying voice with the help of his bandmate, and best mate, Niall in search of someone that will love him, even though he’s just a big nerd.
Along the way he will meet a horribly gorgeous bully named Louis Tomlinson and his group of friends that want to make his life a living hell. But what happens when their music teacher pairs Louis and Marcel up with each other for a project involving singing.
Will something between the two spark? Will someone find out Marcels true identity? Will Louis keep hurting Marcel?
Will anyone love me for me?


3. Chapter 3

  Chapter 3

Hello Lou!” we both said. Lou was a close friend of our and she is the reason why hair is so heavenly.

 “Hey boys. What would you like for today?” she asked giving us both a toothy grin.

 “Well, Lou do you think you can nerdify this hunks hair?” Niall said giving me a pat on my upper back. “Yeah, I can” she stuck her hand out reaching for my thick brown locks.

 “All I have to do I snip a litt-“
   I slapped her hand away from my head.

 “NO!!! You are not cutting my hair!” I said in a panic.

I was not about to lose my hair for anything. “Alright, calm down. If you don’t want me to cut it then the best I can do is gel it back or something” she said with her hand on her hips.

 “That will have to do, it better than losing my hair” I said directly to Lou. She waved me over to an open chair. The chair was small and had a leathery black texture. I sat down. It felt good sitting down for the first time in hours.

 Niall was sitting in the waiting room flipping through lady magazines. Most likely taking the ‘How do you know your crush likes you’ quiz. Laughing at the things that are 100% untrue.

   Lou come back into the room after a while holding a medium sized black jar. I was guessing it was the hair gel, because it was labeled ‘Hold and Shine’, what a cheesy name.

 She stood behind me and started running her hands through my curls. “So what I’m going to do is spray a bit of water on it so it is slightly damp, then I will put the gel. I’m going to completely nerdify you” A laugh escapes her mouth. I just gulped. Afraid to see the new me.

Lou grabbed a small pink spray bottle, and gave me a few quick squirts. I cringed a little under the icy cold mist. Then she took out a black comb and started running it through my tangled curls. Lou had her tongue stuck out in the corner of her mouth, she was really concentrated on what she was doing. I couldn’t help but chuckle a bit.

   Lou stuck a few fingers in the surprisingly nice smelling clear hair gel. I shivered when the gel made contact with my sensitive scalp. Her fingers slid across my head. She then took her black comb out again and started styling my hair into this 40’s hair do. Definitely nerdifiyed all the way.

  “Finished!” Lou cheerfully said backing up to admire her art work. “Wow Lou, you really did it. I really got the hair of a nerd” I said laughing.

   “So why did you want your hair all geeky again?” asked Lou.

 After I finished explaining my whole plan about going to public school in search of love, she smiled and gave me a gigantic hug.

    “Good luck ‘Marcel’ I hope you find the perfect person that accepts you for who you are, even though you’re just a big, geeky nerd” she said pulling away from the tight embrace and giving me her bright smile and one of her famous laughs.

“Thanks Lou” I said giving her the money for my new hair along with a tip.

  I walked into the waiting room where Niall was. He was now on his phone scrolling through Tumblr. I cleared my throat making. Niall snapped his head up from his phone, staring at me with wide, blue eyes. His mouth hung open.

  “I’m sorry but do I know you?” he said giving me a cheeky grin followed by a loud laugh.

 “Wow, Lou can really do wonders, am I right, or am I right?” I shook my head and rolled my eyes.

 “Come on let go get my glasses before anyone sees me” I said walking towards the exit. But before I left I made sure to purchase the hair gel that Lou had used on my hair.
That was chapter 3!
I'm so sorry its short. Don't worry, the action will come soon enough!

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