Love Me For Me

Everyone knows him as Harry Styles. Cute and charming boy from One Direction. But what they don’t know is that he is actually gay. Management will not let him come out, because it could possibly ruin the future for him and his band.
But what happens when he decides to get enrolled in Cheshire High. Taking the identity of Marcel Styles, a geeky nerd with an annoying voice with the help of his bandmate, and best mate, Niall in search of someone that will love him, even though he’s just a big nerd.
Along the way he will meet a horribly gorgeous bully named Louis Tomlinson and his group of friends that want to make his life a living hell. But what happens when their music teacher pairs Louis and Marcel up with each other for a project involving singing.
Will something between the two spark? Will someone find out Marcels true identity? Will Louis keep hurting Marcel?
Will anyone love me for me?


2. Chapter 2

Niall and I drove around until we found a mall. I’m not too sure what it was called, but it was the closest to us. I figured that it would be a good idea to completely change everything about myself. Instead of being, Harry the charming boy from One Direction, I would become Marcel, the uncool, nerdy boy with a naisley voice. I usually where contacts so I would just where glasses instead. But not just any glasses, gigantic, dark rimmed glasses with an incredibly thick glass.

   Niall and I wondered around the mall in till we stumbled on a shop called ‘Geekly Chic’. I took a big breath before walking into the shop. I never in a million years ever pictured myself walking in a shop abundant with ties, white dress shirts, sweater vests and action figures.

 “How ‘bout this one!” Niall yelled from across the store (it didn’t really matter because absolutely no one was in the store). Niall was holding up a few sweater vests that where either plaid or a solid color.

  “I guess those will do” I said in a slightly disappointed tone. Truth be told I was not exited at all to be wearing these cloths. But I had to make sure nobody will ever suspect that I am Harry Styles.

 I went through the aisles and found a few ties and bowties with matching short sleeved white dress shirts. Niall found me a few Kakis with different shades of brown. After finding quite a few outfits, Niall and I went for the checkout. Just to add to my luck, there was a teenage girl, about 16 working the checkout. I love my fans, but today had just been overwhelming.

  She had a pigtails, braces and large glasses. She was quite pretty. Once she made eye contact with Niall and I, her face turned crimson. “Oh. My. Gosh…y-your One D-Direction.” We both smiled at the girl and gave her a small wave. “Hello love, what’s your name?” I asked with a dimpled smile. “Umm…my names M-Madison” she said with a stutter.

    “Well nice to meet you Madison” Niall said. She smiled greatly, letting her light pink braces be shown. “Can you sigh something for me and maybe take a picture or something?” she said very shyly. A bright red was covering her face.

   Niall and I nodded. After she took a picture with her phone, she reached in her bag and took out a piece of paper and asked us if we could sign it for her. We took a black pen from the counter and wrote our signatures on it. “Thank you so, so very much!” she beamed.

“You’re welcome, dear. Now if you don’t mind ringing up our items for us?” I said with a chuckle, pointing to the untouched pile of clothing still sitting on the counter.

“Oh, my! I’m sorry” she said. Madison rung up all our items and put them in a bag, handing them to up. “Thank you for shopping at Geekly Chic, come back soon!” she said joyfully. I nodded and gave her a quick smile. “By Maddie!” Niall and I both said in sync as we headed out the glass door to the hair salon.


That was chapter 2 :) Thank you to everyone that have read my story so far! you are all amazing. <3 love you!

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