Love Me For Me

Everyone knows him as Harry Styles. Cute and charming boy from One Direction. But what they don’t know is that he is actually gay. Management will not let him come out, because it could possibly ruin the future for him and his band.
But what happens when he decides to get enrolled in Cheshire High. Taking the identity of Marcel Styles, a geeky nerd with an annoying voice with the help of his bandmate, and best mate, Niall in search of someone that will love him, even though he’s just a big nerd.
Along the way he will meet a horribly gorgeous bully named Louis Tomlinson and his group of friends that want to make his life a living hell. But what happens when their music teacher pairs Louis and Marcel up with each other for a project involving singing.
Will something between the two spark? Will someone find out Marcels true identity? Will Louis keep hurting Marcel?
Will anyone love me for me?


1. Chapter 1

“Amazing show boys! You killed it out there!” Paul said over the thousands of screaming fans in the audience. We just finished our last song, and this was the end of our Midnight Memories tour. My name is Harry Marcel Styles and I am part of a boy band named One Direction, with my best mates Niall, Zayn and Liam.

“All right mate!” said Naill. He was my best mate out of all the boys. “Let’s go eat before I die of hunger”, he said. He patted me on my shoulder and started towards his dressing room. “All right, Niall!” I hollered. I gave him smile and he gave me a thumbs up and shut his dressing room. I’m guessing to get his things before we went to Nandoes, (Nialls favorite restaurant).

  I sighed and walked to a door label ‘Harry Styles’. I walked in and strolled looking at myself in the mirror. I had curly brown locks that fell into my eyes, emerald eyes, silky milk skin and dimples. People say I’m a womanizer, or lady killer, shit like that. But the thing is I am none of those things because I feel like the only thing people see in me are my looks, fame and money. I always wondered how it would feel like to be a normal 17 year old guy that goes to public school and can find love without wondering if people are using me for something past my personality. Another reason that I wouldn’t consider myself as a womanizer is because…well… I prefer boys to girls .So that basically means I am gay.

 Management says that no one could ever know about my ‘little secret’. They said that it would ruin my image, and possibly ruin things for my whole band. Only my mum, sister, management and my band know about me being gay. I have to keep being a female heart drop but I’m not happy, and I will never be happy because I have to hide from the world.

 “Harry...Mate? Are you ready to go? I’m dying of starvation out here!” Niall called from outside my locked dressing room.

“Hold on Niall.” I look at myself one more time in the glass. Then… It hit me! I know how I’m going to find love. I smile releasing my two dimples and walk out the door.

  Niall and I get a table in the way back, so we wouldn’t be trample by fans. A waitress walks over and handed us our menus. She has long red hair, hazel eyes and her lips where coated with bright red lipstick. If I where straight I would definitely try to hit on her, but then again how would I know if she only likes me for my fame. “What would you fancy for today?” she asks with a wide grin reveling a set of perfectly white teeth.

    Niall literally orders half the things on the menu. He sure can eat, but yet he never gains a pound.

  I decide that I was going to tell Niall a way to meet the love of my life.

“Niall?” I asked, looking up from my untouched salad.

 He looks up from his gigantic plate of chicken “Yea mate?”

I was kind of nervous to tell Niall my plan, only because I didn’t know how he would react to my crazy thought. I decided to just say it. Just like ripping off a bandage. Right?

 “I want to get enrolled in public school so I can meet the love of my life.”  I keep my gaze on Niall and he almost chokes on his chicken. “What??!” he looked at me with bug eyes.

“I want to go to public school, were finished with our tour, so I don’t understand what the big deal is” He then looked agitated, “The big deal Harry?, you are an international pop star and you want to go to a public school where you are surrounded with teenage girl hormones!, I don’t understand what the big deal is either!”

  I’ve never seen Niall so agitated with someone, let alone me. “I’m not stupid Niall, I know people will drool over me just because I’m famous so I’m going to change my whole appearance, and go by my middle name, Marcel. And you are going to help me. Please Niall, please help me out this one time? I hate not being able to find love just because I’m secretly gay.”

         Niall stared at me for a while. I could feel the awkwardness fill the space between us. He opens his mouth to speak, “Alright, but you’re paying for all my food, and paying for all your new clothing” he says with a small chuckle escaping his mouth. I was surprised on how easily he gave in.

 “Thank you so much, this really means the world to me! Just don’t tell management just tell them that I’m visiting family for a while, or something like that.” Niall nodes as he stuffed another serving of chicken in his mouth. That boy sure can eat.

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