Love Me For Me

Everyone knows him as Harry Styles. Cute and charming boy from One Direction. But what they don’t know is that he is actually gay. Management will not let him come out, because it could possibly ruin the future for him and his band.
But what happens when he decides to get enrolled in Cheshire High. Taking the identity of Marcel Styles, a geeky nerd with an annoying voice with the help of his bandmate, and best mate, Niall in search of someone that will love him, even though he’s just a big nerd.
Along the way he will meet a horribly gorgeous bully named Louis Tomlinson and his group of friends that want to make his life a living hell. But what happens when their music teacher pairs Louis and Marcel up with each other for a project involving singing.
Will something between the two spark? Will someone find out Marcels true identity? Will Louis keep hurting Marcel?
Will anyone love me for me?


4. A/N



   As you can see this is NOT another chapter. I have been busy with school and stuff :(


   I have decided that I am NOT going to be posting on this website anymore. Only because it wont let me type on my phone, and I don't always have my laptop with me! :(

I am posting this on an app called Wattpad...( most of you should know what that app is). it just so much easier posting from there, because it actually lets me post from my phone..


My username on Wattpad is..ShipLarcel...(My old username was taken lol)

The story is still called "Love Me For Me"

I so sorry that im switching websites on you guys, but updates will be so much quicker!!


     Go on Wattpad, and let me know your there! Comment, Vote and all that other stuff !!! :)


        ~Thank you SOO much.. and I luv you all <3.....see you on Wattpad (;



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