One cool romance (soul "eater" evans x reader fanfic)

When (y/n) finds out she's a weapon she attends the Dwma for the first time who will be her friend, enemy, or even boyfriend...


5. chapter 5: a turn for the worse

Chapter 5: a turn for the worse

(Y/n's p.o.v)

I was walking up the stairs of the dwma. Alone. Without. Kanae. When a crazy pinkish lavender haired boy ran up to me holding a sword......? Before I knew it his sword was in my stomach..... I gasped took a step back and fell down to the bottom of the stairs.... I looked around and everything became dark.... I felt like I was falling.... Down and down and down.... Into the rabbit hole I go...

(A/n probably the ending.... Should it be? Or should kid or soul save her????)

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