One cool romance (soul "eater" evans x reader fanfic)

When (y/n) finds out she's a weapon she attends the Dwma for the first time who will be her friend, enemy, or even boyfriend...


4. chapter 4: kanae's secret

Chapter 4: kanae's secret

Kanae and I were walking to class crescent moon when she mumbled these words... "(Y/n)impregnantwithblackstarsbaby" "Your what!" I shouted "I new something fishy was happening I can't believe you, you promised me before we came here that you wouldn't fall in love an wouldn't whatever happened you wouldn't be come pregnant." I walked away before she could reply. Was that alittle harsh...

(A/n hey Guys I will be updating this chapter so here's just a little sneak peak for you guys can you believe Blackstar and kanae shame...)

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