One cool romance (soul "eater" evans x reader fanfic)

When (y/n) finds out she's a weapon she attends the Dwma for the first time who will be her friend, enemy, or even boyfriend...


3. chapter 3: a reaper and a soul eater

Chapter 3: a reaper and a soul eater

(Y/n's) p.o.v

Once school was over everyone met outside at the basketball court. "Hey (y/n) wanna walk with me after school?" Soul asked me inside I was literally screaming! "Sure." I tried to say as cool as I could. There was a long silence as me and soul walked to my dorm. Kanae was off "studying" with Blackstar but I don't believe her cause 1. Kanae and Blackstar don't study 2. I can tell when they are lying and 3. They asked Tsubaki to stay at soul and maka's for the night something is going down- "hey (y/n) wanna be best friends?" Soul interrupted me from my thoughts "sure....?" He was acting suspicious "soul is there anything you wanna tell-" "no..." He replied, I let out a sigh and continued walking. We reached my dorm we said our goodbyes and just like that he kissed me on my forehead.... I blushed a bright red and walked inside the dorm

Souls p.o.v

When (y/n) and I reached her dorm I couldn't help myself I... Kissed her forehead I hope she wasn't bothered by it.... That was so uncool ._.

The next day

(Y/n's) p.o.v

Walked into the Dwma and walked into class crescent moon. I sat down but I noticed kanae was over near Blackstar so I sat down next to kanae and next to kid. "Hey (y/n)" kid whispers "yeah?" "Wanna go out." He whispers in my ear causing chills to go down my spine. Don't get me wrong kids HOT it's just... I don't feel the same "sorry kid but no I like you as a friend not in that way..." I could literally hear his heat shatter for the rest of class he was silent...

(A/n awwww poor kid-chan I will love you *hugs kid* well anyways fact of the day guys: 8 is the most symmetrical number there is :3 (you guys probably know that))

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