One cool romance (soul "eater" evans x reader fanfic)

When (y/n) finds out she's a weapon she attends the Dwma for the first time who will be her friend, enemy, or even boyfriend...


2. chapter 2: the man with a screw in his head

Chapter 2; the man with the screw in his head

(Y/n's) p.o.v

While walking to lord deaths office a blue haired boy by the name... Blackstar? Jumped out in front of us "I AM THE ALMIGHTY BLACKSTAR I WILL SURPASS GOD ONE DAY!!!" He shouted pretty much the whole entire school could hear he normally this loud? "Who are you." He said as he grabbed the collar of my jacket and hung me by it. "I'm (y/n) (y/l/n)." You practically choked the words out. "Blackstar! Let her go!" A black haired girl came up behind him "Fine Tsubaki." Tsubaki... What a pretty name. "Hi I'm Tsubaki and this is my miester Blackstar sorry he can be pretty loud sometimes." She said. You just smiled and said "I'm (y/n) (y/l/n) and this is my miester Kanae sky." Kanae shook Blackstars and Tsubaki's hand. You followed Maka and Soul to the death room "Hey! Hey! Hey!" Lord death said. You almost had Burst out laughing at his voice but held it in. "So you must be (y/n) and Kanae right?" "Right!" Kanae said "looks like you two will be attending the crescent moon class with kid, Maka, Soul, Blackstar and Tsubaki good luck on your first day!" He said as we all left and headed to class crescent

At class crescent moon:

When you walked I'm Maka and the others took a seat the class room was really big but that wasn't the only surprise as you looked to your right.... "AH!" You shouted as you saw a man with a screw in his head "so you must be (y/n) and Kanae, my my (y/n) your soul wavelength is pretty magnificent maybe one day I'll get to dissect you..." He said. To be honest you were freaked out... You and Kanae took your seats and began work.

At lunch:

Souls p.o.v

When class had finished I walked up to (y/n) and said "hey wanna sit with us at lunch it would be uncool to have new students sit by theirselves." "Sure We'd love to." She smiled. I love it when she smiles... *facepalm* what am I thinking! I've known he for less then a day she wouldn't possibly like me back would she? We walked to lunch and Blackstar, kid, and I were sitting on one side while the girls sat on the other. I look over at kid and he's making googly eyes at (Y/n)! Looks like I've got some talking to do with kid...

(A/n ooooh looks like soul developed feeling for you! Yay! And looks like you gotten kid to fall for you too you lucky duck :3 well finished chapter 2 chapter 3 coming soon)

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