My life was lonely...I was always moving. I have been to 5 different elementary schools 4 middle schools and 4 high schools. My mom and dad promised this was the last move, no more. It was my senior year and all I wanted was to finish it off as normal as I could. I joined the schools dance group to try and make friends. The second week there was a special visitor and this one class would change my life...forever.


1. Prolouge

 I am so used to change. Honestly, my picture would pop up under the defintion. My mom and dad tend to get plenty of job transfers, so many that I honestly can't even count on two hands. We finally moved to a small city in Florida. Mom and dad promised this was the last move until my high school was over, great timing they couldn't think of that my freshamn year? I felt like the outcast already because I was new to the school, city, and top it off it's in the middle of the third quarter. They thought starting after winter break was a good choice, I honestly didn't care bad, I forgot to introduce myself...I'm Alexandra but that's to formal, so just call me Alex.

   I pulled my white v-neck over my head, pulled my black skinny jeans up and slid my black vans on. I let my hair fall naturally down my back and put on a dab of make up. I was up and going before my parents even woke up. I grabbed my keys and hopped in my car. My dad convinced my mom to get me a new car due to the new transition...I guess moving has it's perks. I got a matte black Jeep Wrangler, toy car. I pulled up to the high school, it was fucking huge. In comparison to my last school which was a small town right out of Indianapolis this is a big change. I hoped out of my car and locked it. I walked straight inside to the guidance counselor to get my schedule. The whole fam bam came in yesterday but the office staff said it would take a day to get my schedule accurate. 

   The lady at the front desk had a pixie cut, beach blonde, tan ass skin, a true Floridian, and a peach colored dress on.

   "Hi honey, how can I help you?" she smiled at the end showing her perfectly white teeth. She looked about 50 something...

    "Um, yeah it's my first day they said I could get my schedule from the office yesterday.." I scratched the back of my head. My hands were empty, my keys and phone were in my pocket and I didn't have any school supplies yet.

   "Yes, here ya go.." she pulled a paper fresh off the printer and handed it to me. It was still warm, I glanced over it trying to understand it, my eyebrows pushed together, "Do you need someone to show you around?" I looked back up to her, 

    "Um, I don't think so...I think I should be fine.." 

She simply smiled, "You sure? Andrew is a kind boy who could help show you around, he's bound to be here any second, he is real nice if you don't have any fr-

  "I'm good, thank you."

 Just as I finished my sentence a tanned teenage boy walked through the fron door and sat his stuff behind the lady I was talking to. You could see his muscle peeking through his shirt. He was wearing a black t shirt with jeans.

    "Hi Mrs. D." he gave the lady.

"Andrew..." he looked down at her, his attention full. he did seem kind. My heart stopped when it clicked she called him Andrew. Ok, I def wanted him to show me around now, but I couldn't just open my mouth and say that.

    "This is..." she looked at me, Andrew quickly did the same.

"I'm Alexandra, but call me Alex."

    "Alex, she's brand new, could you show her around? You know this school like the back of your hand."

    My insides were screaming, YES! Thank you Mrs. D!!

"Also, if you want to sit with her at lunch, I think she's new, new..." he began to smile big, my heart began to sink, no Mrs. D stop making me sound desperate or like a loser...

   "Yes, Mrs. D, I can do that"

He looked at me with his deep brown eyes, he walked around the desk and took my schedule right out of my hands, he placed his hand on my lower back which made my stomach twist and turn and my face burn...

    "Come with me..."






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