My life was lonely...I was always moving. I have been to 5 different elementary schools 4 middle schools and 4 high schools. My mom and dad promised this was the last move, no more. It was my senior year and all I wanted was to finish it off as normal as I could. I joined the schools dance group to try and make friends. The second week there was a special visitor and this one class would change my life...forever.


7. Chapter 6- Busted Nose

I slowly made way down the stairs as my mother and father kept talking to Justin and Scooter. I walked behind the couches Justin and Scooter were sitting on and into the kitchen. I grabbed myself a water and walked into the living room where the awkwardness is to begin.

   "Yes, like I was saying she is an amazing dancer. I can't wait to begin dancing with her. She totally blew everyone else out of the water." Justin said as he made eye contact with me on the last sentence.

   "Thank you." I cut my dad off as I sat right across from Justin, the only seat left. Our living room had two couches and a large chair. I sat in the large chair. "It will be a pleasure to join you and Scooter on tour."


   A smile grew across his face. 

"Well, smells like dinner is done...shall we?" my mother said pushing her shirt down as her and my father rose.

   "After you." Scooter said.


The dinner wasn't as awkward as I thought it would be. Everything was already kind of placed out and they came over to give me a heads up of what's going to happen. I'm finishing the rest of the year by being home-schooled in order to travel and make all the practices. I will be on the same bus as Justin and his friends. I will always be with Justin, whether it's practicing or performing. Finally, my rehearsals start tomorrow.

    The next school day went by fairly quickly. I ate lunch with the boys as they talked about their sports and games coming up. Andrew walked me to my classes and to my car. I didn't want to give him the news yet. Even though it was Thursday and I only had one more day left here...I still didn't want to.

   I GPSed the location Scooter gave me yesterday for the rehearsals. I pulled up to a huge gate with hundreds of men and women with cameras. I rolled down my window and gave the guard my first and last name then drove to studio B.

    I hopped out of the car and grabbed my bag from the backseat. I walked into the door and saw Justin learning steps from some guy and Scooter watching while talking on the phone. I waved my hand up as everyone looked my direction as the door slammed behind me. Talk about a grand entrance.

   "Hey!" Justin called out as him and the dancer next to him walked to meet me.

"Hey there little lady. Sup, I'm Nick." he gave a huge grin showing all of his teeth.

   "Pleasure, I am Alex..." we shook hands.

"Annnd I'm Justin..." he butted in.

   "Yes, we know." Nick began laughing.

"Where's a bathroom so I can get changed?" I pointed to the bag hanging from my shoulder. I wore a dress today to school, so not me, but I figured why not. 

    "Down the hall to the left." Justin pointed.

"Thanks." I smiled and made my way through Nick and Justin.

   I quickly got changed into my black leggings, a white crop tank top, and my black boots. I let my hair down and my neon green sports bra showed through the tank. I walked out to the practice floor and left my bag up to the front. Scooter was no longer in the room, just Justin and Nick stretching in the center.

   "Are we stretching?" I asked beginning to sit next to them.

"Yes we are." Nick flashed Justin a smile. "We are having a little break."

"About five more minutes, then you get to learn your part." Justin said flashing his pearly whites.

"Sounds good..." I began touching my toes. Stretching my quads, hamstrings, back, arms, and core.


   We hopped up as Justin and Nick showed me Justin's part.

"Now time for yours." Justin walked up to the mirrors where I was standing.

"Come one out here..." Nick waved his hand for me to come next to him.

   He guided me, showing me every move. Look left then right, move my hips around. Jump to the left, look right. Shoot my hands out and move one then the other.

"This is the chorus for As Long As You Love Me...." Nick stated.

"Ok." I responded. I honestly didn't know a lot of Justin's songs. Oops.

"Justin come our here and do it together." Nick demanded.


Justin stood behind me. Nick went over to the radio trying to get the music ready. Justin put his hand on my left hip.

"Is this ok?" he asked in my ear.

"I don't fore see a problem with it." I could feel him smile. Heat burst through my body where he touched me.

"Ok, you phone's not working, I'm gonna go see if Scooter's will. Practice I'll be right screwing around, we have 5 days until the audition." Nick left the room in a sprint.


"Us? Screwing around? Never." I giggled. "Cute." I felt my stomach drop. Cute as in me cute? Or cute that I giggled? What was cute?

  "You ready?" he asked.

"For what?" my head shot up, and then we both heard a pop. I turned around and there Justin was holding his nose. "Oh my gosh...I'm so sorry!" 

He tried to wave his hand saying it was no big deal but I thought it was, I knew it was...I felt so bad. "Here...come here, let me help." I pulled him into the girls bathroom. "Sit on the counter." 

   I went to the paper towels and pulled some out and wet them.

"Ok, I need you to move your hands..." he slowly lowered his blood covered hands. I gasped, it looked nasty.

  "Is it bad?" he asked trying to turn and look. I grabbed his cheek and pulled it back towards me.

"Let me help. Then you can look." My thumb rested on his cheekbone, I could feel his skin pull up into a smile. We held eye contact. I raised my hand and looked at his nose.

   I slowly started wiping the blood off the surrounding skin. Wiping slower and more cautious the closer I got to his nose. He began getting squirmy so I moved to hands. I got new wet paper towels and started wiping his hands.

  "Thank you..." he practically whispered.

"For busting your nose? No problem." I side smiled continuing to wipe his hands.

  "For helping." he took his hand I wasn't cleaning and put it under my chin and pulled it up to make eye contact again, "I really appreciate it." he smiled causing me to duplicate.

"It's no problem."  I broke eye contact as I put my hand under his chin, "Now hold still while I try and clean this up."




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