My life was lonely...I was always moving. I have been to 5 different elementary schools 4 middle schools and 4 high schools. My mom and dad promised this was the last move, no more. It was my senior year and all I wanted was to finish it off as normal as I could. I joined the schools dance group to try and make friends. The second week there was a special visitor and this one class would change my life...forever.


6. Chapter 5- So Confused

   I walked over to my car, feeling the cool wind whip through my hair and the happiness burn through my stomach. I unlocked my car, slid my bag into my backseat and  hopped into the front. I turned on my Jeep and began leaving the school. I swung through Starbucks on the way home and got a Salted Caramel Frap double blended. Put it this way, Starbucks was about 5 minutes away from my house...the drink was already gone. So saying I liked Starbucks was a understatement. 

   Unlocking the door and swinging myself inside, mom was already cooking dinner. I walked up to the counter to see her chopping up bell peppers. The colors all blended together. Orange, yellow, red and green from the peppers, and a faint white/yellow from the onions. 

   "How was school?" she asked looking at me as I threw my drink away.

"It was good..." I sat down in the chair at the counter.

   "How was the audition?" she stopped chopping and slid all the items into a bowl.

"I didn't get the same outcome as most of the girls to put it nicely." I looked down 

   "Oh honey..." she put her hands on the counter looking at me with sorry eyes. "What can I do?"

"Say yes." Her eyebrows squeezed together, she was confused. I began to feel nervous for the question that has burning inside of me since Justin gave me his offer.

    "Well, say yes to what exactly?"

"You know how Justin Bieber was there and watching people to audition for his dance team?"

    She was nodding, "I thought you said they made it automatically on his team..."

"That's the thing," I sat up and began to smile, my heart was beating so fast and hard I could feel it in my toes. "They make it to an audition. Justin and his manager are going to different schools to find kids with the ability and heart to audition's like a secret audition."

     "That's silly.." she rolled her eyes. "If they said they were on his team, they should be on his team..."

"Mom I know, but listen." I took a deep breathe, "I am."

    She waved her hands around, "You are what?"

"If you say yes, I am automatically on the team. And not just that, but I am his partner...24/7"

   Her face dropped and my dad walked through the back door with a plate full of cooked fish.

"What's going on in here?" he could feel the vibe in the room.

   My mom turned to face him, "Our daughter has the chance to go on tour with Justin Bieber as his only partner."

His face remained the same. My mother no longer faced me. My dad put the plate of fish on the island in the middle of our kitchen. He walked over to me.

   "How important is this to you?" my mother followed him.

"Pretty important. I would love this opportunity. It could change my life forever."

    "For good or for worse?" my mom asked from behind my father.


    She began nodding. I felt my plan was back firing on me. 

   "You know, she is acting very mature." my father was talking to my mom but was still looking at me. I began feeling a fire burn in my stomach, I still had a chance here.

   "Senior year is almost over." my mom commented. "She is old enough." 

I began to smile.

  "Yes." she said.

"Really?!" I said hopping off the chair.

  "Yes." my dad said.

"Ya'll had me scared." I said going back to my chair.

   "Well here's the thing missy,"  my dad leaned his lower back against the island.  My mom began smiling to herself. "We already had out answer before you even asked..."

   "Mr. Braun called me today at work." my mom stepped in, "He explained how amazing you were and how much of an honor it would be to have you join them."

"How could we say no?" my dad began, "We want success for our only daughter, and if because you had to give up so much with us moving, we only want you to be happy."

    "And if this makes you happy, well then you can do it." my mom's chin began wobbling.

"Thank you so much." I ran over and hugged them both. We all began rocking and just sat there, in the middle of our kitchen.

   We ended our hug as the door bell unexpectedly rang. My mom went back to cutting and smiling to herself.

"Are we expecting guests?" I asked running to the stairs. I looked like crap right now.

  My dad walked over to the door, I kept going up the stairs. I waited at the very top to find out who it was determining whether or not I need to look half way decent.

   "Mr. Braun, Mr. Bieber...nice to see you, please come in, dinner will be ready shortly."

I felt my heart drop out of my chest, through my stomach and onto the floor. They are here. At my house. For dinner?

   "Please, call me Justin." they both made their way into my house as I made my way up the stairs and into my room.

    I ran into my closet and threw on a pair of black skinny jeans, they really complimented my long skinny, but toned, legs. I threw on a large white v-neck and let my hair flow naturally down my back. I walked into my bathroom and quickly brushed my teeth and flossed...right before we were about to eat...smooth. I re-applied my mascara and eyeliner then made my way down stairs to see Scooter, my mom, dad, and Justin Bieber sitting casually in my living room.




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