My life was lonely...I was always moving. I have been to 5 different elementary schools 4 middle schools and 4 high schools. My mom and dad promised this was the last move, no more. It was my senior year and all I wanted was to finish it off as normal as I could. I joined the schools dance group to try and make friends. The second week there was a special visitor and this one class would change my life...forever.


5. Chapter 4- Ice Cream?

   The first girl went and here song was Confident, the second girl went and her song was One Less Lonely apparently it can be any song from any point in his career...great...I heard number called by Mrs. D. I slowly got up and instead of standing in the middle of the floor I stood in the back left (if looking from judges it would be back right ;] )

    I smiled at the judges then turned around.. I leaned to the right and put my right arm over my head and waited for the beat to consume my body. Lolly (Trap Remix) began playing, I started swaying my hips...when the beat dropped I lost control one second I was shaking my ass the next thing I was doing robotics, then flipping. I let the beat fill inside and just express the best way possible, through moving. When I was done I honestly don't really remember anything I did. All I know is the judges were smiling and writing words down, all the girls sitting had their mouths wide open. I was out of breath, I bowed my head ten looked over to Justin who was leaning back in his chair wearing a smirk. I walked off with my hands behind my back.

    I looked over at the door and Andrew was standing there. He wore a giant smile. I walked over and he greeted me with a hug. 

   "I thought I would find you here. You were..." he was looking around for the correct words to use, "amazing."

I felt my cheeks turn red, "Thank you."

  I took a sip of my water then turned to watch the next girl do her dance. Justin was staring our direction with sharp eyes. I didn't just feel him watching us. He was more of burning Andrew with his eyes. When he caught eye contact with me he quickly looked away and watched the girl do her dance.

   Finally the last girl was done. Andrew had to leave because his mom called because dinner was ready. We all joined in a circle. Mrs. D and the other lady had the papers in their hands.

   "Results will be announced tomorrow on the news. For Justin's dance crew that will be announced shortly." she smiled then walked away.

    Mrs. D came into the circle, "I just want to say how proud I am to see you guys make it this far in the audition process. Congrats! You all did amazingly and I hate that we only except about 10 girls each year. Best of luck to you all." she smiled sweetly then Justin's manager walked into the circle.

    "Good evening ladies. I am Scooter Braun, for those of you who do not know I am Justin's manager." he had two papers in his hands he was looking at. "Only two girls will need to stay after that we would like to talk to." All the girls began to hold their breathe, I looked around but just kept breathing normally. "The two girls are Lacey Nickles and Samantha Barden." 

  Some girls began to cry. Others got up and left instantly. Lacey and Samantha began screaming. The room cleared out five minutes flat. I had to put all my stuff away. I threw my water bottles away and went to the bathroom before I left. When I came back from the bathroom the only people left in the room were Justin and Mrs. D. Both of their heads snapped in my direction when I entered the room...

   "Sorry, I just have to get my bag." I walked over silently and put my bag over my shoulder and began to leave. I turned to walk out before I was called back in.

   "Hey Alex!" Mrs. D yelled. I turned back in,

"Yes ma'am." I walked closer to her and Justin.

    "I hate the waiting process...I wanted to let you know you made the team. You are actually captain." she smiled sweetly. Justin stared and then placed a smirk on his face.

"Thank you." I turned my attention towards Justin, "Is there anything that I could have done differently to possibly have made your dance team? I mean I love improvement, that's why I ask. I mean I'm a senior so I can't audition next year, ya know? Because I won't be in school anymore..." I began rambling. Shut up Alex....shut up. 

   I covered my face with my hand. Mrs. D smiled at Justin then left the room. 

"See that's the thing..." he began, "I actually just got your information from that lovely lady there, what was her name...?"

   "Mrs. D..." I inserted.

"Yes! That was it...any ways. Your dancing doesn't need improvement, I thought it was flawless, and that's why you are apart of my dance team..." he smiled folding up the paper with my information and putting it into his pocket.

   "But I wasn't called up when Scooter said your team...I don't understand." I pushed my eyebrows together and began scratching the back of my left leg with the top of my right foot...nervous tick.

   Justin looked down at my foot then back up into my eyes..."My other point was, they don't make the team automatically, they have to audition with a bunch of other dancers. They don't get an automatic in on my team, they just get an automatic in to the exclusive audition. We are traveling around schools and finding dancers with hearts for dance and music and having them audition together to find the best of the best."


    I took a deep breathe.. "Ok? So where does this leave me then.."

He took a step closer to close the gap between us. "You are my only dance partner. Meaning when I dance, you are my partner, no one else. When I practice, you practice. We are never separated."

    My heart dropped into my stomach, "I have ask my parents first."

He licked his lips, I felt warmth heat up down south and my stomach turned into knots, "Totally understandable. Let me see your phone. " By the look on my face he added, "I'm putting my number in so you can tell me if you can take the job, or take the job." he smirked.

    "Funny. I see what you did there." he winked then took my phone from me. His fingers slid over the side of my hand. My skin started to tingle then radiate into a fire that quickly spread from my hand to my toes. "Thanks." I took m phone back.

  "No problem." he smiled. "Where are you parked? Let me walk you...maybe get some ice cream? I'll pay."

"Down stairs in student parking." 

   "Ok, grab your stuff lets get going."

We walked down stairs. The closer to the doors we got the louder the screams got.

   "Shit." he stopped and began rubbing his temples.

"What?" I turned around and walked back to him.

    "Maybe ice cream another time? I don't want you getting mobbed out there." 

"Whatever works. Plus, as a dancer I don't think it's wise to eat food like that...I mean I gotta stay in tip top shape if I'm dancing for that silly celebrity Justin Bieber" 

    A smile grew across his face, "Good point...don't want him getting on your case about having ice cream with some crazy person." I smiled at him. "Raincheck?"





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