My life was lonely...I was always moving. I have been to 5 different elementary schools 4 middle schools and 4 high schools. My mom and dad promised this was the last move, no more. It was my senior year and all I wanted was to finish it off as normal as I could. I joined the schools dance group to try and make friends. The second week there was a special visitor and this one class would change my life...forever.


4. Chapter 3- Comfortable

  I nailed it. I just let the moves flow, everything went. No stumbles, no wobbles, everything stuck even better than the first go around. The only thing different was there were no girls puking, crying, or running out of the room...harder competition no wonder it's the top 25.

"Dismissed, next 5" Mrs. D said, this is the most serious I have seen her, yer she was still nice like a little fairy.

   We all walked off, the other four girls started mingling...I didn't know anyone so I just sat, watched the other girls and drank my water. All groups were finally done. We all came back out and lined up in a zig zag formation, that way everyone was seen. Shortest in front tallest in back...I was towards the back.

  "Alright ladies." the other lady began, "This is the fitness part. You must complete all of these fitness requirements within the next 30 minutes, if you're out. If you stop, you're also out. Got it?"

  "Yes ma'am" everyone said together.

"Here you go, 75 push ups, 75 sit ups, 75 squats, 150 jumping jacks. No water. No breaks. Your time starts now." She clicked the stopwatch in her hand.

   I jumped down into push up position. I like to break it up in my head, making it seem easier. 'Only 3 groups of 25..that's easy...' I pumped them out, looking around 3 girls already walked out..fine by me, less people to go against. 'First 25 done...' I focused on breathing, asthma kinda sucks when it comes to things like this... 'Next 25 done..' almost done, keep pushing, '10 more...' the numbers were decreasing, as well as the girls I was going against. Two more left. Only 20 more girls are left...

    I flipped on my back, same thing for sit up, 3 groups of 25. Abs are easy for me. Between all the moving, working out was my coping. 'First 25 done.' When I was coming up each time I was looking around, a lot of girls were still on their push ups and man did it look ugly...these girls can't do push ups for crap. '25 more...' almost done....

    I hoped up for squats. Few girls were doing sit ups, most still doing push ups. I began squating, 'back straight!' I looked up to make sure I was cheating on my squats. '25 down' I was feeling good. I was pumped. I could do this all day. I looked forward, Justin's eyes were locked on me, I flashed him a smile he kindly returned the gesture then turned and said something to his manager.

    I moved onto my jacks, 'reach up, stretch you side, bounce off your toes.' 

I walked up to the table so they could record how fast I finished the workout. I was out of breathe, practically about to have an attack.

    "7 minutes. Impressive....?" the lady waited for me to say my name.

"Sorry.." I held my hand to my chest and began to force myself to breathe deeply.

   "You ok?" I looked over, Justin was asking, leaning forward.

"Yeah...I just..." I took another deep breath, trying to calm my breathing, sowing down my heart, "I have asthma, and this triggered a attack." I moved my hand around, gesturing for emphasis. I looked back at the lady and pointed at the paper, "My name is Alexandria but I go by Alex."

    She looked up at me, "You can go relax."

"Thank you." I flashed her a weak smile. I practically ran over to my bag and leaned against the wall. I began using my inhaler hoping to prevent another attack.

   More girls slowly left, by the end of the 30 minutes 15 of us finished in time and didn't walk out. She had us group up in the center for another heads up on what our next objective was.

    "Alright..the final 15." she smiled, "Proud of you all, you have made me proud, now Justin has some words."

   She stepped back and I swear he had every girls attention, every single cell on their bodies was glued to him.

   "Clearly you guys are fit and have been training." he began, "But I like to be original. I also like original people." he looked at me. "So we are going to have you girls do freestyles, one at a time to one of my songs that I will pick."

    Every girl was cheering, whether they actually supported what was happening or they were just enjoying being in the same room as a world-wide famous celebrity.

We all sat around the room waiting for our numbers to be called. I sat back and began going through ideas in my head. Not over thinking it but letting it flow. Easy does it.

   "By the way ladies," Justin said from behind the table, "You are not going in number order." he smiled, and for some reason it felt like I was being comforted. I was now for some reason comfortable and no nervous, I just sat and watched as the first girl went.





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