My life was lonely...I was always moving. I have been to 5 different elementary schools 4 middle schools and 4 high schools. My mom and dad promised this was the last move, no more. It was my senior year and all I wanted was to finish it off as normal as I could. I joined the schools dance group to try and make friends. The second week there was a special visitor and this one class would change my life...forever.


3. Chapter 2 "I see Great things, Good Luck, Alex."

The inside of my Jeep was all custom made. The seats were red with my initials on the head rest. Everything else was black with red stitching. We both slid into the Jeep. I left all my stuff back at home, Andrew tried to sit in the front seat with all his stuff in his lap.

  I chuckled, "Here, put it in the back." I unlocked the doors and he slid his bags in the backseat then hopped back in the front. We drove out of the school while all the boys we had lunch with stared.

   "Ok Alex, you have to tell me.." he reached to turn down the radio.

"Yes..." I felt a pit in my stomach, I gripped the steering wheel tighter and bit my bottom stomach was burning as it seemed it took him forever to ask his question.

  "How does a girl get a kick ass car like this? I offense" he was shaking his hands in front of him then turned towards me, his face was glowing, he looked beautiful. "But, what family are you apart of exactly?" he played it off with a chuckle.

   "I move a lot, my parents thought it would be a good senior gift..." I explained, "to get more comfortable I guess..."

  He put his hand on the side of my headrest, "Ohh yes. That makes perfect sense." We both laughed together, in sync.

   I dropped Andrew off at his house and drove back to mine. I walked straight upstairs to get started on the loads of homework I have to catch up on. Every time I tried to focus my brain kept drifting off on who the "special guest" is for tomorrow. Part of me was so excited the other not so much. I mean this person could be a sweet heart or a complete bitch.


**Next Day**

The day went by pretty smoothy. The day was over before I knew it. I went into the bathroom and go changed into my try out attire. I wore a black tank top (like white ones guys wear), black leggings, and my combat black boots. I pulled my wavy hair up into a ponytail and applied eyeliner and mascara.

   The room was already filled with all the girls. They were stretching and running through the routine as well as other moves that didn't look familiar. There was a table set up in the front with fancy name cards and a present bag on the middle seat. Mrs. D made her way out.

  "All right ladies, I know you are all excited! Please sign in, get your tags then line up on the side in number order, thank you."

   I checked in and was assigned the number 54. Mrs. D and the other lady from yesterday took their seats as we all waited to find out who was in the middle seat.

   "Ladies, the special guest today is excited to see all of your hard work. Please do your best and try to not get TOO excited." Mrs. D explained, "Could everyone please welcome," she took a deep breathe, "Mr. Bieber and his manager Scooter Braun."

    He walked into the classroom wearing a striped tank top, black jeans, and black supras. He had a big smile and all the girls began screaming, me on the other hand, my heart dropped. He took his seat in the middle chair and crossed his hands in front of him.

   "Hello ladies, nice to meet you all, I hope you all make your dance team. However, I also have a few spots open for my tour. Your school and a few others I am attending to see if anyone qualifies before I hold auditions. Best of luck." he leaned back in his chair and began scanning the line.

   "Numbers 1-36 your out." Mrs. D began.

The music began playing and everyone started the routine from yesterday. A few girls nailed it to a tee, other fell, others quit and ran out crying. This was freaking extreme. The people at the table began taking notes.

   "Numbers 37-72" 

I walked out, I was right in front. Justin made eye contact and smiled. I totally didn't notice. I was too focused on not screwing up. The music started and so did I. Swaying back and forth, moving my body to the beat, I just let it all flow. The music ended and so did I, exactly on point. The judges all took note. I looked at them all, out of breathe, he continued too look at me. I just held my last move until we were dismissed, he winked. 

  "You are dismissed."

This was the the pattern all the way up to 126.

   "All right ladies, please group up." we all huddled then sat down most of continued drinking our waters or gatorades.

   "If your number is called please stay, if not you are dismissed from try outs." She held up the paper in front of her, "The lucky girls are, 08, 14, 15, 25, 54" My heart dropped into my stomach. I didn't even hear the rest of the numbers. I hugged my knees and was silently cheering in my head. "Sorry, but if your number was not called please leave, for those who were called, you have a 10 minute break."

   I got up and walked out to the bathroom. I did a little happy dance as soon as I knew I was alone. I looked into the mirror, "Alright Alex, this is it. Keep your shit together." I walked out of the bathroom and made a quick right and ran into a hard object. I looked up and made eye contact with caramel eyes, "Sorry." he smiled.

   "It's ok." I put a strand of hair behind my ear.

   "You did great." he said.

   "Thanks." I looked down. He put his hand under my chin and pulled it up to make eye contact.

   He licked his lips, "I see great things. Good Luck, Alex." he removed his hand and walked back into the classroom. My chin tingled from where he touched me. My stomach was doing cartwheels.

    I followed back into the classroom everyone was back in the circular formation.

   "Ok final 25. Here's where we REALLY test you. You will all do the dance again only this time in 5 groups of five, a little fit test, then do a solo to a random song at Justin Bieber's choice." my face dropped, I looked past the lady and straight and Justin he was smiling huge.

    "Alright ladies, line up." I was in the first group...grrreatttt, so excited. And yes, there was 100 complete percent sarcasm in my voice.

     "First five."

  I walked out to my spot, my stomach was pounding my chest. I could hear it in my ears. Everything was silent. I feel everyone could hear it. I looked at Justin, he was already staring at me, he flashed a simple smile. I just sat and thought, "I see great things, Good luck Alex." Then the music began.




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