My life was lonely...I was always moving. I have been to 5 different elementary schools 4 middle schools and 4 high schools. My mom and dad promised this was the last move, no more. It was my senior year and all I wanted was to finish it off as normal as I could. I joined the schools dance group to try and make friends. The second week there was a special visitor and this one class would change my life...forever.


11. Chapter 10- Spotted

  We sat outside and began eating our ice cream. It was a nice evening. Maybe in the 70's. The moon was shinning bright and the stars mocked it's brightness.

  "So..." Justin began licking his spoon.

"So..." I said back, playing around.

  "Tell me about you."

"What do you want to know? I'm a pretty basic person. I go to school. I have never had a boyfriend. I move pretty frequently. I love to dance." I ate another mouthful of ice cream. "What about you?"

   "I feel everyone knows my story." he began. "But not the deep stuff." he reached for my hand, "But I would love to share that with you." he smiled. "A lot of the magazines only say half of what's true, so Scooter and I try and fix that. Like with Selena..."

  "It's ok, you don't have to explain it to me. At least not tonight." I smiled.

"Ok..." he smiled back.

  I reached over and wiped the ice cream off of the corner of his mouth. His smile grew bigger.

   "Come on, let's get you home. You have dance rehearsals tomorrow. AND you have to help me judge the try outs." he stood up grabbing my hand.



   The next day I wore a black sports bra with grey sweat pants and my black combat boots. I applied simple makeup and put my hair in a bun. Simple, but cute. I threw on a hoodie that Justin let me borrow from last night. I ran downstairs, my mom and dad were already gone for work, but thanks to Scooter, they already knew my whole day. They wrote me a good luck letter on the coffee table. I flipped on MTV while I ate downstairs. 


    "Breaking news, Looks like the Biebs has gotten himself a new 'bae'" I practically spit out my food. They had pictures of Justin and I from the ice cream place last night, holding hands, wiping ice cream off of his face, and leaving. "However, we don't know this mysterious new girl. She did a really good job hiding her face. But no worries beliebers, we'll find out who she is for you!" I turned off the TV and ran out to my car. This was not good, not good at all.



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