The One (Harry Styles)

One summer. One dream. One adventure.

Two sets of eyes. Two bodies. Two beating hearts.

Three months together. Three months apart from their families.


I don't know if it was the dimples on his cheeks, or the crinkles by his eyes when he smiles, but I do know; that he is The One.

This is gona be so cliché but aye. Im only human.


1. Parents



I'm sat criss-crossed on my bed, guitar in hand, and my pick in my mouth. My music sheet and pencil are resting next to me. I play a few chords on my guitar before I sigh and run my fingers through my hair in frustration. "Come on Charlie, you got this." I say to myself. I put the guitar pick back in my hand and start playing more chords; stopping once I figure out a line to my song. I quickly put the pick in my mouth and grab my pencil, writing the notes down.


"We'll never be, as young as we are now." I sing quietly to myself. A knock at my door surpresses me from strumming once more. "Come in" I shout. My dad pops his head in and smiles. "Honey, come down stairs, dinner is ready" He says. "Are you playing again?" He asks and steps into my room. I smile shamlessly and nod, taking the guitar off of my and setting it beside me.


"Yeah, too bad I can't sing worth shit." I say and laugh breathlessly. He chuckles and nudges my shoulder. "Well, I think you sing wonderfully. And I'm so glad you are playing again. You know, your mother used to play when we were your age." He says and smiles, looking off in the distance as if remembering her.  I smile and lean my head against his shoulder. I love it when he talks to me about my mum. I have only very few memories of her since she has past.


"I actually asked her for dinner over a song." He chuckles, to which I smile at. It's good to see him smiling, it brightens up my room. "It wasn't even a realy song, or even a good one at that." He adds, still laughing. I see his eyes start to tear up some, "I sang to her, to which she said yes. She told me, and I quote, 'even though your singing was shit, the lyrics were sweet.'" I laugh and wipe one of his tears from his eyes.


"What all was she like, dad?" I ask him. He turns his body to mine and smiles down at me. "She was exactly like you are now." He says and kisss my head. "Let's go, dinner is probably cold." I sigh as dad stands up. He leaves my room, and I grab my music sheets and guitar, and set them in their case. I go out of my room, and go downstairs.


"What are we having?" I ask and sit down next to my dad. "We, are having the grandest meal in the world" he says enthusiastically. "Noodles and sandwiches?" I ask with a knowing smile. "Yes." He answers simply. I laugh and grab me a plate and two sandwiches.


"Oh, you received a letter in the postal." My father mentions. I raise my eyebrows. "I did? Is that my ticket to fame yet?" I ask flipping my hair behind me. My dad laughs at my tactics. "Yes, you are Beyonce." My dad says, holding his heart. I laugh and grab the letter.


"You are Invited!" It reads. I tear it open and pull out the note. "Congratulations! Charlotte Renae Smothers, you have been accepted into our summer programme! It will start on the 31st May to the 31st August! Fairs, activities, games, and more! I do hope to be seeing you! Send in this form with all of your information needed, by 25th May. Thank you, S. C. Hallingsworth" I read aloud. I look up at my father to see him smiling.


"Dad..." I trail off, the smile on my face getting bigger and bigger. "Yes?" He asks, trying to sound innocent. "Did you sign me up for the summer in London?" I ask. "Maybe. I just figured Warrington was getting you all grown up on me. You need to be a teenager and have fun. You deserve to have fun, Charlie." My dad says, the smile on his face permanent. "Thank you, thank you, thank you! Oh my god, dad! I love you!" I shout and wrap my arms around him, in a massvie hug.


"You're welcome. Start packing, i will send in your form tonight." My dad concludes, and ushers me to leave and pack. I cannot believe he did this. This is absolutely amazing. My dad is amazing. My a thougt comes into my mind. I'll be away from my dad for three months. I don't think I can do that, my dad is my best friend. He taught me how to drive, how to kick a football, how to play the guitar... I can't leave him here by himself, whilst I am having fun.


"Wait, dad.. I don't want to go." I say quietly, his face softens, and his smile faulters. "Charlie, you've been talking about this since you were 16, it costs nothing as you have been accepted, and you need a break. You deserve a holiday." My dad concludes, resting his hand on my shoulder.


"But, what about you? What will you do for three months?" I ask, playing with my fingers. "I will work, probably remodel the house for your welcome home, who knows? I won't have to deal with you" He jokes and nudges my shoulder. I hit his arm.


"I'm only joking, Charlie. Seriously, you are going. No ifs, ands, nor buts." He says, smiling at me. "Fine. But if you die of missing me to much, don't come to me." I say and start to my room. "How could I come to you, if I am dead?" He smarts off. "Shut up dad! I have packing to do!" I say and go to my room.



I finally get to go on the adventure. The one I have wanted for two years. It's happening.



Sorry it's short and boring. It will hopefully get better the more I write, and the more reads, likes, and comments I receive. Oh and I start school tomorrow, so I don't know how much I am able to update... And I am using Warrington, because I live there. And if I say Manchester, it's because it's closer to where I live. And I have been to London for school trips before, so I know the area. Hope you enjoy!

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