Because I'm bored and I never write a specific type of poetry lmao.

Notice: none of these poems are my own feelings, I can assure you I'm completely fine before you read this. Most of these poems are also a few years old so I apologise in advance lol


2. Who are you


Who are you,
to toy with her heart.
Play with her innocence,
tear her apart.

Who are you,
to place a kiss,
slowly and lovingly,
upon her lips.

Who are you,
to destroy her after,
you've had your fun,
you're filled with laughter.

Who are you,
to make her fall in love,
promise her the world,
let her fly like a dove.

But this dove,
doesn't fly anymore.
You destroyed her heart,
left her aching and sore.

Now this girl,
whose heart you defeated.
She doesn't understand,
she feels alone and depleted.

To all the girls,
you're not a toy.
You're worth so much more,
than some stupid boy.

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