Because I'm bored and I never write a specific type of poetry lmao.

Notice: none of these poems are my own feelings, I can assure you I'm completely fine before you read this. Most of these poems are also a few years old so I apologise in advance lol


3. There was a girl

there is a girl,
who won't give in.
you pollute her life,
with every lie and every sin.

this girl is strong,
courageous and willing.
she thinks she is tough,
but this is only the beginning.

there is a girl,
her smile so pure.
but innocence won't last,
and there's never a cure.

now this girl,
what does she do wrong?
maybe a cut on her wrist,
will prove she is strong?

there is a girl,
she can't stand any more.
she feels too weak,
her wrists are too sore.

there was a girl,
she had enough.
she didn't want to be strong,
she didn't want to be tough.

now this goes out to all the bullies.
you think you're clever, wise and loud?
well now she's dead,
do you feel proud?

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