Because I'm bored and I never write a specific type of poetry lmao.

Notice: none of these poems are my own feelings, I can assure you I'm completely fine before you read this. Most of these poems are also a few years old so I apologise in advance lol


5. One simple name

One simple name,
you had called her.
You didn't have a reason to,
nor do you care.

That simple name,
scarred her innocent heart.
She believes it is true,
lets it tear her apart.

One simple name,
it was funny at the time.
It was only a joke,
you didn't commit a crime?

I'll tell you a secret,
that I hope you can keep.
She's sick after every meal,
and cries herself to sleep.

She's given up food,
she's given up hope.
She's finding it hard to breathe,
she's finding it hard to cope.

"You're so fat."
is what her bully said.
That simple name,
is the reason she's now dead.

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