Because I'm bored and I never write a specific type of poetry lmao.

Notice: none of these poems are my own feelings, I can assure you I'm completely fine before you read this. Most of these poems are also a few years old so I apologise in advance lol


4. I'm done

I'm sick of the fall
when I try to fly
I'm sick of the let-downs
and regular goodbyes

I'm sick of the lying
scheming and decieving
sick of depression
illness and undereating

I'm tired of living
in a misshapen society
I'm tired of myself
and my constant anxiety

I can't help but think
if I just slipped away
would anyone care
or ask me to stay?

Well, I'm done with the deluding
I'm done with the cheating
I'm done with my heart
and I'm done with its beating.

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