Lil Miracle

Miracles come only once in a lifetime, but to build a friend is a whole new topic for me to discover


1. New beginning


            I don't really know who I am, I only woke up to find a young girl looking right at me with an unknown emotion. Though when she said this one word I was guessing it was my name, I just wish I knew about myself.

" Hey KO"

KO? it felt like a very strange name, what was really strange is that I don't breath and I have no heart beat. Was I normal at all? Was I even born? What is all these things people call emotion? It's all very confusing to me at the least. Though I don't really know what anything at all, just a young girl or a machine born/ created into this place. I don't even know what animal i'm supposed to look like, i'm guessing the girl in front of me is my creator.

" So, how do you feel my little wolf? Is there any malfunctions in your systems that I need to check before we continue anything?" 

... a wolf? so i'm a wolf, it seems like a interesting animal to be. I wonder who she is, she looks like a feline. Her ears, nose, eyes, and tails had the feature of a cat. So I hope I was correct and not feel dumb about it.

"Ahem, anyways my name is Viola and I'm you're creator and I hope you will love being here"

"Creator, is there a reason that you brought me into this world, any at all?"I said in a confused voice.

I'm guessing there was a reason because right when I asked that she paused. Did I offend her? Why did her expression suddenly change? I guess these are some of the things I shall never truly understand these things. Well I'll never understand emotions for that matter.

She slowly turned to the desk that stood behind her and laying there was a old frame with a picture in it. The frame looked quite old and expensive. Quickly she grabbed it and handed it to me in a saddened way. Because as she handed it to me her hands trembled and her voice was shaky.

"Those were the people I had lost and loved a long time ago when I was little" she said while some sort of liquid formed in her eye.

I looked down at the old picture and observed every detail of it all. The family looked so happy and loving. I wonder if I had a life life that? Before I could even look up she quickly wrapped her arms around me and the tears began to come out more. I just didn't understand it.

"Miss Viola what are you doing and why are there strange liquid forming from your eyes?" I said in a concerned voice.

"It's called a hug KO and the liquid is called tears, I'm surprised I was able to create you into this world I live in" she said while smiling very calmly.

But honestly I couldn't help but smile as well, it felt good to be like this. This warm feeling, is this the feeling they all call happiness? If that's what it's called I'm glad to feel such a wonderful emotion.

The now cheerful cat let go of me and ran into one of the door ways and giggled. I just found a nearby chair and sat in it, though it looked in very poor condition. But baggers can't be choosers I guess. I looked at every corner of the room and was worried about all the claw marks all over the walls. It was very disturbing to see this, was someone after my creator or something?

"Sorry I took so long, I had to get something"

I watched her carrying a small frilly dress with polka dot patterns on it. I liked how it looked, it was pretty in every way and I was beaming with happiness when she handed it to me.

"I made it for you, I didn't think I could create you but here you are, well try it on"

When she said those exact words I put the glittering dress on and had a bit of trouble. I'm a machine after all, I don't usually wear clothing. Though I was able to manage, and that's all that matters.

Bursting my head up in excitement I looked her in a way of gratitude.

"Oh KO you look so beautiful, c'mon I'll take around the town, it'll be our first adventure, together"

Author's Note:

Well here's the 1st chapter of my new story, if you want to see what happens next plz comment and add this story and have a wonderful day, cya

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