The Only Reason I Have Half a Heart

What happens when two close girls to the one and only, Zayn Malik, joins the boys and 5SOS on tour?

Written by myself and a friend.


2. Chapter Two

Melissa's POV

I parked smoothly outside our apartment. It was early in the morning and the moon was still out. Stretching, I grabbed my jacket and keys on the seat next to me. Looking to the passengers seats, Haniah's body laid peacefully. I sighed, well someone has to wake her up. I got out of the car and closed the door shut, quietly. Opening the door where her head was closest to, I shook her.

"Hey sleepy, we're home. Come on, you can't sleep in the car." She groaned, shaking my hands off of her. "Don't make me carry you and trust me, I don't want to." I laughed to myself in the quiet area. I stood up straight again, once she reached her arm above her head to stretch.

"It's so comfortable in here, just 5 more minutes and I'll be up." She resumed to her original spot.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah." I rolled my eyes. "I'm not having your dribble on my car seats. Haniah, get up." I told her, tired myself.

She rubbed her eyes and sat up straight.

"You can sleep for this whole week for all I care, we have things to do before we leave." I said, peering into the car.

"Just because you don't want me to be there, so you and Zayn can have alone time." Haniah got out of the car, stumbling onto her feet, still rubbing on her eyes.

"Ha. Whatever." I scoffed locking my car and heading towards the entrance.


"TURN THAT NOISE OFF!!!" I screamed from my room. Pressuring my pillow down onto my face. Quick footsteps came down the hallway, closer to my door.

"Rise and shine!" Haniah bursts into my room. "Why so tired? We got places to be, clothes to buy!"I threw my pillow off my bed and groaned.

"Well, if I wasn't driving all night, maybe I'd be all sunshine and roses right now." I said, barely opening my eyes.

"Don't be such a bummer. Hurry upp!" She moaned, jumping on my bed. Some times I confuse this kid with a 5 year old. "Can we go to...Meadow Hall?" She asked, stopping and looking at me for an answer.

"MEADOW HALL?!" I screeched. "Does it look like we're minted to you?" I shook my head, getting out of bed.

The definition of Meadow Hall-

A shopping centre with designer stores, jewellery shops and McDonalds.

Basically, you go there, buy a book, then eat chicken and go home. For us anyway.

We might know someone worth a million pounds, but we're not all that lucky.

I'm just currently looking for a job and Haniah just started University.

I slipped on some blue jeans and a loose plain white tank top.

"Come onnnn, let's treat ourselves." Haniah laid on my bed, arms stretched out. "If you drive us there, I'll buy you something." I laughed.

"You can buy me the car fuel you bribing son of a gun." I combed out my straight, black hair. Looking at the mirror. Haniah joined me and picked up another brush.

Her hair was long also, almost the same as mine. Except for the fact that her hair was wavy too. Our hairs are both thick and black. We think it's a curse to have such thick hair, ugh.

"Get your things ready then. An hour in the car, yippee." I looked over to Haniah, who was standing on her toes smiling. I rolled my eyes.

I wasn't that type of girl who was into shopping, it's tiring and boring with a shopaholic like Haniah. I turn my back for a second and POOF! Da fuq she go?!


"What do you think?" Haniah stepped out the changing room. I looked up from my phone. She was wearing a light blue knee-length dress. Silver sequins came in from the hips and became smaller as it gathered into the middle. She looked amazing.

"Dang girl, you look fine." I said, in another voice. It was like my voice went straight through her.

"Does it look nice? Do I suit it? What do you think?" I stood up, taking in a breath.

"You look fine. God, calm it. You ask for my opinion and ignore it." I shook my head.

"But seriously thou-"

"Nope. You're getting it. End of." I said, pushing her back into the changing room. She pulled the curtain across and said,

"But the price," I took my seat back and crossed my eyes and slouched.

"Let's treat ourselves, she says. But the price, she says." I said, imitating her, just as a group of young adults walked by. Face. Fucking. Palm.

Only one of them noticed and laughed among himself. I covered my face and looked down.

"I guess this is it then." Haniah swung open the curtain and stepped out with the dress on its metal silver hanger over her arm.

We walked over to the till. A small woman greeted us. She wore something that made her look like a high-class business woman.

"She must get paid well," Haniah nudged me and whispered. I nudged her back and warned her,


Haniah handed the money over and looked at me.

"Hey, there's a boy who keeps looking at me and smiling." She took her gaze off of me once she got my attention and I looked to the direction her eyes was looking.

Stood with his friends was the same brunet in his SnapBack as before. I looked away quickly.

"Oh shit." I smiled, closing my eyes and shaking my head. "Just look away." I laughed to myself at me and the strangers secret.

As we walked out the store, we were stopped by the familiar face.

"Hey." He greeted us with a warm smile. With him was one of his friends. Up close, I could see that he had green eyes and broad shoulders. His friend had short brunet hair, slightly curling to the side. I smiled to him, almost happy that he came to say hello.

"I'm Cody and this is my brother, Will."The boy smiled to me and Haniah, showing us his pearly white teeth. By looking at them, they was around our age.

"Haaaaan....nnnah," Haniah announced, looking at me, smiling. What the hell is she up to?

"Melissa." I said, ignoring Haniah and her weirdness.

"She means Melanie," Haniah quickly said after me. I looked at her again, raising my eyebrows.

"No. I mean Melissa. She's not Hannah by the way, her name is Haniah." I said, turning back to the boys. They had an awkward smile plastered onto their faces, wondering what was going on. In an instant, I felt Haniah punch me on the leg.

"Maybe, we could get your numbers?Just maybe.." The eldest one held his hand to the back of his neck.


"Yes. That's fine with me," I widened my eyes in shock and looked at Haniah. She rolled her eyes and mouthed.

"Whatever." The boys took off and I turned to face Haniah.

"What the hell was that?!" I pulled onto her shoulders.

"They're total weirdos. That's the same guy that was smiling at me, freaky." She pushed my hands off of her.

"We..well we talked..kinda..before! Don't you think I know what I'm doing?" We started walking away from the shop and else where. I could see from the corner of my eye, her mouth made an 'O' shape.

"Hmph. I got a boyfriend anyway. Don't say no, because they were flirting with us, or you. Let's say us because I don't want to feel excluded." She shrugged her shoulders.

"It's called being friendly you nit-wit."


Four days later

Haniah's POV

"Hey boooys." I said slowly, looking at the screen. Zayn was sat there on a couch, whilst the rest of the band members popped their faces in front of the screen to say hello.

"Sup cuz." He said, throwing a Haribo pin ball up into the air and into his mouth.

"Where's Melissa?" He asked, looking back to the screen.

"I heard someone misses me!" Melissa opened my door wide and jumped onto my bed. Zayn smiled and looked down.

After a while of talking to Zayn, he asked Melissa to come online to speak to him. So off she went back into her room and Zayn switched laptops. Only to leave me talking to anyone who passed by.

"Hey, Haniah, right?" I instantly recognised his face. I smiled from ear to ear, happy that he remembered my name.

"Yeah. You're Ashton?" I asked as he took a seat in front of the laptop. He had curly, dirty blond hair, pushed back with a bandana. His eye colour seemed a mystery to me as how the camera quality got so shit on Skype.

"You're gonna love it here on the bus! It's hectic, but that's the best part." I laughed at his cute accent.

We talked small talk all from 9 to 11pm. It's been the best connecting with someone who your going to be with for a long time. That's another one to the list of people for 'Not awkward when talking anymore' list.

I fell backwards onto my bed.

"I'm so tired. I think it's time I get off." I yawned. I heard him breath in. A moment of silence passed and I sat back up.

"Yeah, me too. We have a concert tomorrow." He said, looking away from the screen. "Take care Haniah. I'll see you in a few days."

"You too Ashton. Night."

"Sleep tight."

With one button, we disconnected. I sat, smiling to myself. Ashton was all you could ask for.

Funny, smart, caring, sweet. Closing my laptop, I noticed Melissa leaning on the frame of my door.

"He's nice, isn't he?" She said, sitting next to me on my bed.

"Yeah, he is. How'd you know I was talking to him?" I asked, puzzled.

"Zayn told me." She said, sighing. Probably tired herself.

"You know, he use to self harm." She said. I raised my eyebrows, moving to face her. I've always been saddened at the fact that people get beaten so near to the edge that they harm themselves.

"Yeah. Something with his home life. Even if we hardly know him, I'm still proud of his courage. Zayn said, whenever he'd see a fan with scars on their wrist, he'd draw a butterfly on top of them." She said smiling, looking lost in her thoughts.

I sat, staring at Melissa. Wondering if she knew anything else. Ashton seemed like a sweet guy, a lot can be hidden by someone's personality.

Sometimes the happiest of all people are also the saddest.

Melissa snapped back to reality and stood up.

"Well, good night kiddo. Get some rest. Only two days until we are off to Columbia." She said, messing up my hair.

"Night." I whispered as she closed my door.


Melissa's POV

Twisting and turning on my bed, I woke up to un-clear mumbles through the floor. I opened my eyes and looked up to the ceiling, listening in.

With hesitation, I realized that one of the voices was from Haniah.

Curiously, I got out of bed and slowly opened my door. Clear now, the voices were coming from the living room. Taking one step at a time, I made my way down the stairs.

"Give it up Darren!" Haniah cried for help. Oh man. What an ass.

I looked through the door of the living room and saw Darren's hand, gripped onto Haniah's risk. Moving my head, I saw Haniah's red face. A hand mark for sure.

This is too much you dick.

I swung the door open and their eyes landed onto me. I ignored Darren's gaze and saw Haniah's blood swept eyes.

"Get the fuck away Melissa." He took a step closer to me.

"I'll get the fuck away when you're in prison you disgusting thing." He laughed, annoyed.

"What'd I say? No one. Likes. A grass. In Bradford." His eyes looked straight pass mine.

"We're not in High school anymore Darren. You didn't just steal my fucking pencil, alright?" I said, whilst reaching into my pocket for my phone. Haniah's breath became louder and faster.

"Let her go and never come here again. Or, you can give us a call from your cell later on." I held my phone up, stepping back. His eyes wandered from the phone to Haniah.

His big hands let Haniah free from his hell. Stumbling to me, Haniah bursts into a river of tears. I started rubbing circles on her back as I watched Darren leave the room.

"It's not the end." He said, pointing his finger to me.

"Pointing is rude." I said and gulped in my dry throat.


Haniah's POV

It's only been a couple of hours since I saw Darren last. Melissa's being comforting me with words and ice-cream. I knew Darren was an ass-hole, but he intimidated me and I felt like I couldn't push him away. Sitting alone in the living room, Melissa came in and sat down beside me.

"How are you doing? You should get some rest before we leave in the taxi tomorrow. It's going to be a long ride." I nodded, afraid that if I speak, the tears would come rushing out. "I'll come up to check on you in a bit," She put her hand on my back and smiled warmly.

Melissa's POV

Quietly, I closed her door and sighed. This is something that Zayn should know about. I made my way to my room and opened my laptop. Skype came up immediately and I called him. I wasn't sure what him and the other guys were doing right now but I figured that this was more important. I waited patiently until I saw his face on the screen.

"Hey, Melissa. What's going on?" I could see around him, he was in a dressing room. Either getting ready to go on stage or he just got off.

"Are you busy right now?" I asked, worried if he had no time on his hands. He shook his head.

"Well, there 10 more minutes until we're back on stage. What's up?" He asked, concerned. I took a breath and spoke.

"Well, we had a surprise visit today. From Darren." He looked away from the screen and sighed.

"That bastard. What did he want?" He said, paying full attention to me again.

"Well, I'm not sure really. Just to piss us off I guess. I heard Haniah and him arguing, so when I went to check what was going on. When I looked in, I saw her on the floor, a red mark was on her face. He slapped her." I heard him scoff and mutter words under his breath.

"Just tell the other guys that she might not be herself when we see you at the airport. It's done with though. We don't need to worry about that dick." By now, Zayn went into another room just to speak with me.

"Cheers for telling me. You'll be fine when your with us on tour. You can leave all the bullshit behind." I heard his manager calling for him, getting prepared to go on stage.

"I'll see you soon Zayn," He gave me a smile and I disconnected.

I walked down the narrow hallway and back to Haniah's room. Before knocking on the door, I heard a painful sound. Pressing my ears against the door, I could hear her crying. Forcefully, I opened the door to her moving on her bed, she was having a nightmare.

I came over to her bed and shook her, carefully.

"It's OK, I'm here Haniah," She woke up suddenly and grabbed held of my arm. I jumped back, in surprise. I relaxed quickly and she looked at me with tears in her eyes. Quietly, she whispered faintly,

"He's right. This is not the end."

Written by me

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