The Only Reason I Have Half a Heart

What happens when two close girls to the one and only, Zayn Malik, joins the boys and 5SOS on tour?

Written by myself and a friend.


3. Chapter Three


This chapter is written by its co-author and so I changed just a couple little things, mistakes and sorted them into small paragraphs. However, I haven't checked everything yet, so they may be some mistakes here and there. So if you're a grammar Nazi, this probably isn't a place for you.

I woke up to the sound of Mel whispering in my ear


"Haniah get up it's 4:00 AM our flights 7:00 AM" . I'm not much of a morning person but I got up anyway. We got a taxi and by the time we got to Manchester airport is was 5:30. After checking in, me and Mel still had an hour, so we decided to go to the airport cafe to eat breakfast. Whilst we were eating, We saw the guys walking towards us.


"Hi Mel!" Zayn said excitedly.


"Hi Zayn" Mel said getting up to hug him. Now was my chance for a sarcastic comment. 

"Nice to see you too cuz" I said rolling my eyes. He just laughed and said 

"Let's get on the plane before the flight leaves without us"We all got up and walked over to our flight. I sat on the window seat, only for Ashton to sit on the seat next to me.


"Hey Haniah! Do you mind if I sit with you? I would sit with Michael but he's sitting with Candice" He gestured over to Michael sitting with a girl who had blonde hair and blue eyes. 

"Ok cool Ashton ." I said. 

"You can call me Ash"He said smiling, showing off his dimples. I just nodded.


*Still on the plane* *Haniah's POV*


The plane ride so far has been ok. Ashton was listening to music on his ipod and I was reading 'The Fault in our stars' I was nearing the end of the book when Ashton said 

"Wow. Haniah are you Ok?"I hadn't realised I had been crying until I touched my cheek. 

"Yeah I'm fine It's just this book. It literally tugs at your heartstrings" I said. I turned around to see what Melissa was up to when I saw that Melissa was asleep with her head on Zayn's chest and Zayn was asleep too.


"Ash. Look at this!" I whisper-yelled. 

"Aww. Cute"He said. I snuck my phone out and took a few pictures. 

"Haniah! Send me those pictures Ok?"Louis said from in front of us. 

"Yeah me too"Harry chipped in. 

"Ok let me post it on Instagram first. I posted it titled 'Aww. Lovebirds!'. I put my earphones in and was listening to 'Boulevard of broken dreams' By Green Day. 

My eye lids got heavier so I let sleep consume me.



*STILL on the plane* *Haniah's POV*


I was woken by someone whispering


"Shh! your going to wake them up! Aww their adorable-" That was Zayn but he got cut off

"HANIAH MALIK! WHAT THE FUCK!" I got up abruptly and turned around to see an angry Melissa. Shit.I wonder what happend.

"What are you on about?"I asked Confused. By this time everyone's eyes were on me causing me to blush like mad. Ash knew what Melissa was on about and he was facing away from her trying not to burst out in laughter. 


"Why the hell did you post the picture of me and Zayn on Instagram!" She asked. Is that what the fuss was all about!?

"Melissa Mooc! Is that what all the fuss was about!? For goodness's sake you did the same thing to me not very long ago!"I protested and immediatly regretted it. Dammit! Now the boys were going to harass me until I tell them.


"Well that was different" She muttered.

"You're right it was different! It was worse! Do you know how many cringe attacks I go through just thinking about it" I turned back around and cringed. Ashton had his head in his hands and shook his head whilst laughing.. After he had his little fit of laughter he turned to face me.


"If you don't mind me asking what did Melissa do that was really bad?" He asked. I sighed.

"Well in highschool I wan't he most photogenic person.In other words I hated taking pictures. I still do. It was a school trip. We went to blackpool but we were put in groups. Melissa wasn't in my group so I couldn't sit with her on the coach. Anyway, The only person I knew was this guy called Darren. So I sat with him. I fell asleep on his shoulder and Melissa decided it was funny to take a picture and show it to the whole school! I was teased about it for weeks. But I eventually forgave Melissa"I said cringing.


Ash thought that I was cringing at the story but I wasn't. I was cringing at the thought of Darren. Ash looked as though he was going to say something but got cut off by the flight attendant telling us that we are landing. By now I realised that when I was asleep I was sleeping on Ash, so me (being my awkward self) said


"I'm sorry for sleeping on you". Urgh. That sounded retarded.

"Oh. That's fine Haniah" He said. So not to make anyhthihg else awkward I just put my earphohnes in and listened to a random song. Just my luck the song was 'Wrapped around your finger' By 5SOS. Ash must have seen because he had a giant smirk in his face.

"You like 5SOS too?" He asked still smirking.

"Yes I do because you guys have talent"I said in a matter of fact tone.

"So who's your favourite person then?"He asked. This was not a difficult question. He is my favourite one.

"Hmm... Well it's... Um..You"I said turning a shade of bright pink.His smirk turned in to a huge grin that showed off his dimples even more.


"What about from One Direction?"He asked. Before I could say anything Louis said

"Well it's obvious that she loves me the best. I'm her loubear!" I would have said something but Harry said

"No! She loves me more. 'cause I'm her Haribo!" I would have said something but I was again cut off by Zayn

"Guys! She loves me more because I'm her Cuzzy! Right Haniah?" I face palmed myself.


"Well if you let me speak then I could have told you that Niall and Liam are my favourite" I said jokingly. I looked at them to see surprised looks on their faces.

"Why them!" Harry whined.

"Because they don't fight like 5 year olds!"I said.

"But that beacuse they're asleep" Louis whined.


"This is why I love them all" I said to Ash.

"What about you Melissa? Who's your favorite One Direction member?" He asked.

"I think we can all guess who that is!" Louis said making everyone laugh. Melissa's cheeks turned bright red. I was getting a bit bored so I decided to zone out for a while. I tend to do that a lot. So I looked out of the window whilst we were landing and daydreamed.


 *Melissa's POV*


"Melissa? Is Haniah Ok? She looks a little pale"Ashton asked. Haniah was daydreaming. It was more like a nightmare.


"Yeah. She'll be fine you guys go ahead and we'll meet you at the hotel" I said.

"Ok. let us know when you get there" Zayn said.


"Haniah! the planes crashing!"I said. As soon as I said that Haniah shot up.

"What!?"She looked horrified. It took her a few seconds to realise that I was joking. "Bitch" She Muttered.

"Well how else do you expect me to get you out of HaniahLand?" I said whilst we were exiting the plane. We took a different root to the hotel from the boys because the management want the fan conflict to be at a minimum.


"Well don't scare the living shit out of me" She said. She was looking very pale. Seeing as though she has a light brown complexion, it wasn't very hard to notice when she was pale.


"What were you thinking about on the plane Haniah?"I asked as we were exiting the airport. I got us a taxi and we got in the back. I told him the hotel name and turned back to Haniah. She sighed


"I don't know I think i'm just paranoid".

"Well if you ever need to talk I'm here." I said. Haniah was never the emotion-showy type so it's hard to tell how she's feeling.


"Yeah I know Mel." She said smiling weakly. By now we were at the hotel and were checked in. Whilst we were unpacking, well I was unpacking Haniah was reading, I got a text from Zayn that said 'We'll be there in 15'.


"Haniah. The boys and Candice will be here in about 15 minutes" I looked over at Haniah to see that she looked paler than before.


"M-melissa? I think I'm gonna be-" She cut off by running to the bathroom. She was sick. I ran after her and held her hair.

"Haniah! Did you take your travel sickness tablets?" I asked concerned. I mean she's just like my little sister.

"Shit! I knew I forgot something!"She said. Just then Zayn and the boys knocked on the door.

"I'll be right back Ok?" I said softly.


She nodded and continued throwing her guts up. Poor thing. I opened the door and Zayn and the boys walked in.

"Where's Haniah?" Zayn asked. Just then Haniah threw up again. Zayn and the other boys' eyes widened.

"Don't worry Zayn she forgot to take her travel sickness tablets. She'll be fine" I explained making the Boys and Candice calm down.


Just then Haniah shouted from the bathroom

"Yeah I'm just throwing my guts up! I'm fine!" and with that she threw up more causing all the boys to laugh.

"Well it's 12:30 PM what do you guys want to do?"Zayn asked.

"They have a pool. we could go for a swim" Harry suggested. Just then Haniah came from the bathroom


"You guys go without me. I don't feel up to it" She said weakly.


"Ok but you can't stay alone. One of us can stay with you."Zayn said firmly.

"I can stay. I mean I don't really want to go anyway" Ashton said. Zayn gave him a weird look and said


"Ok. but if both of you change your mind we're at the pool" and with that me, Zayn, Candice and the boys went to the pool.


*Ashton's POV*


As soon as they left Haniah turned to me


"Ash y'know I would be fine here by myself. You can go if you want."She said. I think that she feels bad that instead of going with the others, I'm here with her.

"I know. But I want to stay here and help you." I said. She was becoming very pale.

"A-are you Ok Haniah?" I asked. She just ran to the bathroom. I ran after her. As she threw up I held her long , black wavy/curly hair and rubbed her back. After she was done I left the bathroom so she could take a shower. Whilst she was having a shower I picked out some films that we could watch. I picked 'The Grudge 1, 2 and 3' because I remember Zayn saying that she hates Horror films.


She came out of the bathroom dressed in a Nirvana concert shirt and dark blue shorts. She was still a little pale and shaky.

"You like Nirvana too!?"I asked surprised.

"Yeah do you?" She asked smiling.

"Yeah who else do you like?" I asked.

" Hmm...Well there's Blink 182-" I cut her off.


I swear she likes all the same bands that I do.

"Marry Me!" I said jokingly, of course. She went to her bag and looked through it then she stood up and went to Melissa's bag as if she was looking for something.

"Ah! Found it!" She said holding up a bottle of Advil.


She took one without even drinking water. I looked at her weirdly.

"What?"She asked completely oblivious that she's ment to take water with advil.

"Your not normal you know that?"I said.

"Yeah I kinda already figured that out on the plane!"She smirked recalling what happend on the plane.


"But your different in a good way. Your unique" I said genuanly meaning it. She rolled her eyes playfully.

"So what are we going to do?" She asked.

"Have you seen 'The Grudge 1,2 and 3' before?"I asked smirking.


"No. but I've heard of it"She said. I pointed to the sofa gesturing that she should sit there. I put in the first film. Sat next to Haniah and we watched as the film started.


*At the pool* *Melissa's POV*


I didn't really want to swim so I decided to get a tan. My skin is very lightly tanned so a tan would make me look nicer. I laid there for about 10 minutes when all of a sudden I felt someone throw me over their shoulder. Zayn.




"Oh you want me to put you down? Ok...."He trailed off as he threw me in the pool. I was hit with the cold water and chlorine. I swam up to see 8 Boys and 1 Candice laughing their asses off. I got out of the pool and dried off. As payback I pushed Zayn in the pool, causing a big splash.


"You're lucky you learned to swim!" I stuck my tongue out at him. "Aww. Poor Baby!"I said playfully.


"Your going to regret that Melissa!"He yelled. After about an hour of throwing each other in the pool we dried off and decided to go to Starbucks.


*Haniah's POV*


Seriously this film is scary. I was so scared that when a major jumpscare came I literally jumped in to Ashton's lap. I was sat there for about 5 minutes but when I realised that  was sat in his lap immediately jumped off

"Sorry"I said blushing bright pink.

"No worries it's fine. This is a fairly scary film" He said smirking. His dimples were showing. It reminded me of the time me and Darren had a paranormal activity movie marathon.




"Darren! Did you have to pick a scary movie!?" I whined.

"It's Ok Babe! I'll protect you from everything that tries to hurt you!" He said putting an arm around me and pecking me on the cheek.


"Ok. I trust you" I said smiling as I leaned back as the film started......


*Flashback End*


"H-haniah are you Ok?" Ash asked snapping me out of my thoughts.

"Y-yeah I-i'm F-fine"I stuttered."Your shivering like mad. You've gone pale again too. Should I call Zayn?" He asked.


"N-no! N-not Z-zayn! C-call M-melissa P-please"I said unlocking my phone and passing him it. He called Melissa

"Hey Melissa! Yeah this is Ash! Come quick! I-i think Haniah's having some sort of N-nervous breakdown. Ok hurry up!" He hung up.

"Melissa's going to be here soon it's Ok" He wrapped his arms around me I was crying now too.


"It's Ok you're going to be fine"He shushed me. No. I wasn't going to be fine. Not with Darren after me.


*Melissa's POV*


We all ran back to the hotel. I rushed in to my room to find Ashton comforting Haniah. I went up to Haniah


"Haniah? What's wrong?"I asked her.

"M-melissa it's D-darren he's after me" She managed. Every one exchanged confused glances.

"Ok Hun come with me"I said softly. I took her and sat her on her bed. "Haniah your jet lagged, you have travel sickness and your tired. Darren's not coming for you Ok? Now get some rest" I said.


I was about to leave when Haniah said

"Melissa can you please stay?" Her voice was barley audible.

"Sure" I sat back down on her bed and waited until she fell asleep. I kissed her forehead. "Don't worry we'll all protect you" I walked out and shut her door. as soon as I walked in to Zayn's room everyone was silent.


"What was she saying when she said that Darren was after her?" Zayn questioned looking deadly serious. I pulled Zayn aside

"Well... When Haniah and Darren had that fight she broke up with him. He just told her that it's not the end. But Haniah thinks that he's going to come after her"I said. Zayn looked as if he was going to murder him."Since that night Haniah would have nightmares about him. But she would never breakdown like that"I said.


"Melissa why didn't you tell me that before?" Zayn asked softy.

"Haniah wouldn't let me. She said she didn't want to distract you from you career since you've come so far."I said. Something flashed in Zayns eyes. Guilt?


Ashton stood up"Wait wasn't Darren the guy that you took that picture of Haniah with in high school?" Ashton asked clearly confused.

"Yeah after a few weeks they started going out. They went out for a few months and they had a fight. He got, violent, and he slapped her. She wanted to break up with him"I replied.


"Well why didn't she?" Calum asked.

"She was, and still is, scared of him. She was scared that he would come after her like this now can we please change the subject"I said as nicely as possible. After that awkward situation we watched 'Harry potter the philosophers stone' and 'Harry potter and the chamber of secrets' then me and Candice called it a night.


We walked back to our room ,got ready for bed .I slowly crept in to bed. But I couldn't sleep knowing that Darren is out there and could possibly be after Haniah.



Written by Haniah

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