The Only Reason I Have Half a Heart

What happens when two close girls to the one and only, Zayn Malik, joins the boys and 5SOS on tour?

Written by myself and a friend.


1. Chapter One

Haniah's POV

"Come on Mel! We're going to be late!"I yelled to my flatmate Melissa.

"OK. OK Haniah calm down he won't mind if we're late"She said casually. She's always so casual in these situations whilst I'm in the corner having a panic attack.

I'm 19 and Melissa is 20. We have been good friends since high school along with Zayn. I know what you're thinking Zayn? As in the Zayn Malik ? From One Direction? The biggest boy band in the world (true fact)? Just to answer all of your questions, yes. One small detail... did I mention that me and Zayn are cousins?

"OK Geek let's go" Melissa said smiling at me.

"OK Dork whatever you say " I said as we walked out of the building and into Melissa's car.

"Hey cheeky, respect your elders"She replied playfully.

"OK grandma get driving"I said rolling my eyes. About 5 minutes in to the car ride my phone vibrated. It was Zayn. I answered and put it on speaker." It's Zayn"I said to Melissa. She just nodded.


Z: Heyy (Moodly)

M:Whats up moody Mageret?

Z: Oh nothing...Just the fact that my two best friends can't come on tour with me!

H:Uh... Excuse me but I'm not your best friend I'm your cousin. DUH. I have to hang with you.

Z: Oh shut up...

M:Oh poo that sucks...

At this point we were outside the studio so I had to find a way to hang up.

H:Oh. Shit. Zayn the flat is gonna blow up I'll call you later.

Z:Oh yeah rig-

I cut the phone and we made our way in to the studio.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*After the meeting*

"Can we go to Starbucks?" I asked hoping she would say yes.

"OK let's go and celebrate!"She said. We arrived outside of Starbuck"OK I'll go and you stay in the car. Thats two frapochinos right?" She asked already knowing that It's my favourite.

"You know me so well"I said passionatly. She just rolled her eyes, laughed and got out of the car.

As I was switching through the radio stations, I noticed that Melissa was still stood in front of the car door. I couldn't see exactly what was going on so I got out of the car and stood there in front of Melissa was my boyfriend and his gang of tiny thugs.

It didn't take him long to notice that I was stood there. When he did notice he pulled me in for a hug. All I could smell was alcohol. I knew it. Him and his friends were drunk. He put his arm around me and pulled me close to him.

"Get off me Darren!"I yelled pulling away from him. I looked over to Melissa who seemed to be having problems of her own.

"GET OFF ME YOU SMELL LIKE PISS!"She yelled pushing him away.

"What's wrong baby, just relax I'm not going to hurt you..." Carlos said like pervert. But then again he is a pervert, even when he's sober. Carlos is Darren's best friend.

"IN YOUR DREAMS YOU DIRTY BASTARD!!!" Melissa spat. Just then I had had enough of Darren pissing about like this. I managed to escape his grip and walked over to Melissa.

"Do you think we should call the police?"I asked from behind her as she was staring Carlos down.

"No one likes a grass in Bradford, lets just leave" Darren said trying to be a bad ass, when he most certianly isn't. Darren walked out of the parking lot with his 'crew' following him.


"Why are you still with that dick?" Melissa asked whilst we were on our way home.

"I don't know..."I trailed off looking out of the window, hoping she would change the subject. I could feel Melissa's eyes piercing in to me as she pull up to a red light. She could sense that I wasn't comfortable talking about my relationship with Darren. At this time we were outside the flat so we got out of the car. Once we got inside I collapsed on the sofa.

"What a day!" I sighed.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ *Zayn's POV*

'We were performing with 5SOS at Manchester. I found it so unfair that Haniah and Melissa couldn't come on tour with us. It would have been so cool for them to finally meet the boys-'

I was cut off by my thoughts as I saw two extremley familier faces backstage. Oh. My. God. They were here. Haniah and Melissa were actually here. As we finished the last song I rushed over to them and hugged them really tight. I was speechless and I think that Melissa noticed because she spoke first.

"Heyy Zaynie!"She said playfully.

"HI Zayn!"Haniah Said. I could tell that she was eager to meet the boys.

"Hi! Oh my God I can't belive your actually here! This is so cool"I said exitiedly. Harry cleared his throat so he had my attention.

"So...Are you going to introduce us to your friends or what?"He said smirking.

"OK. Guys meet Haniah and Melissa. Haniah is my cousin and Melissa is my best friend.

"Hi!" The guys all said in unison.

"Hi" Haniah and Melissa said akwardly.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*Melissa's POV*

"And guess what?"I asked. But Zayn just looked at me patiently, waiting for the answer."We're coming on tour for you!"I said,exitied for what his reaction would be. His eyes widen as he smiled and extended an arm out for me to hug him. He pulled me in to an embrace and then signelled for Haniah to join the hug.

We pulled away, but his hand never quite left my shoulder.

"Great my girlfriend is coming too. It'll be good for her to have someone to hang out with whilst we're all on stage." Micheal added happily.

"I can't wait to meet her!" Haniah said.

"So, have you got all your stuff packed then?"Zayn questioned us .Me and Haniah looked at each other.

"No we haven't" Haniah replied.

"So you two should go and get packing because we leave in 4 days . I'll text you the details"Zayn said.

"Ok. We'll see you in 4 days ."I said as me and Haniah gave Zayn one last hug before exiting the stadium.

Chapter written by Haniah.

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