The Only Reason I Have Half a Heart

What happens when two close girls to the one and only, Zayn Malik, joins the boys and 5SOS on tour?

Written by myself and a friend.


5. Chapter Five

Zayn's POV

"Right lads, let's get going. Hurry up." Paul got up from his seat and clapped his hands in order to get our attention.

"Let's do this!" Louis lowered his pitch and fist pumped the air.

"Oh, but what are we gonna do without our babies?" Eleanor stood up next to Louis and hugged him, pouting.

"Actually, us girls are going out. Right ladies?" Candice jumped up, looking at Melissa to stick by her. Melissa chuckled and nodded, looking around the room.

I watched her as the others emerged into nothing but darkness. Boy, was I jealous of her perfection.

"Hey Zayn." She nudged me as I snapped back into reality.

"You gooooot a shoooow toooo goooo tooooooo," She whispered quietly as the thought entered my brain. Ah shit, we're already late. She laughed as she got up to walk out the door along side the other girls.

"Bye! Break a leg, guys!" Sophia sung as she closed the door.

"Well that wasn't very nice." Harry furrowed his eyebrows then smiled to himself. On the couch in the corner of the room, sat Niall and Shannon. Her arms wrap around his waist, pulling it closer to hers.

"Do I have to go?" She mumbled with her face only inches away. Niall looked at her with confusion.

"Course you do. Their my friends, you'll get along just fine. Candice, Haniah and Melissa are cool." He gave her a peck on the cheek as she rolled her eyes.

"Whatever," She muttered as she pulled herself away from him and walked out the room without saying another word.

Everyone froze, looking at Niall with a concerned look. I honestly can't believe how a sweet guy like Niall could end up being stuck with such an arrogant girl like Shannon.

"Mate." Liam shook his head, turning away and sighed.

"What?" His eyes followed Liam's movement.

"Just not right, really not right." With that, Paul who had been waiting clapped his hands again.

"How many times do you expect me to tell you? Don't make me pick you up one by one again. C'mon lads, chop chop."

Eleanor's POV

"Where we going?" Sophia sat down on my bed as the other girls climbed upon the two singular beds that were pushed together.

"Hey, I heard bowling here's pretty good. None of the broken ally and whatnot." Candice spoke as the girls watched her.

"Yes!" I chimed. The others nodded their heads in agreement. Just then, Shannon walked into the room with her head down.

"Hey, we're going bowling." Sophia informed her. She looked at me with a disgusted look. I looked at her, blankly. She has to go. Bowling isn't even bad.

I looked over to Melissa and Haniah who was sat quietly.

"Not much talkers?" I smiled to them. They both smiled and looked down to their laps.

"So cool." Shannon crossed her arms, everyone's attention came to her but she looked at her nails as if nothing happened. I looked over to see the two shy girls faces dropped.

This girl needs to sort herself out.


Whilst we were bowling, I couldn't help but notice that Shannon was being extra unsocial and standing away from the rest of us. I decided I should talk her into joining us whilst we were having a laugh.

"Hey Shannon!" I said cheerily. "Come on over, we were just talking about the boys." She looked down from the TV screen and glared at me.

"Does it look like I'm interested?" I opened my mouth, about to say something but immediately closed it. I was speechless. Her lack of respect amazed me.

"Well you're just gonna stand there?" Shannon spat out, crossing her arms. My eyes twitched as I struggled to speak. In utter shock, I turned around to make my way back the the rest of them whilst I heard her tut.

I turned around mid way through my stride and looked at her,

"It's your turn." I said, turning back around to sit down.

•~ •

"That's it please." Sophia told the waitress. She nodded and then made her way back to the kitchen.

"So," I ask. "How long have you known Zayn for?" I looked at Melissa, waiting for an answer. She looked up and thought for a while.

"Around 16 years." I raised my eyebrows.

"Wow that's a long time," Candice took the words straight from my mind.

"Wouldn't you get sick of him?" I joked, making the whole tables chuckle as Shannon stared across the room.

"16 years, huh? What's the deal with you two now then?" Sophia questioned. Our attention focused onto Melissa.

"Yeah, what is the deal with you two?" Haniah smiled cheekily as Melissa playfully slapped her on the cheek.

"Deal? What deal? We're just friends." She laughed nervously as everyone rolled their eyes. I angled my head and said,

"Right, just friends." I made speech marks in the air. Causing Melissa to blush.

"How about you and Ashton?" Melissa turned to Haniah and she choked on her cup of Coke. After cleaning herself up, she struggled to speak.

"No, no, no. Nothing's going on." Haniah quickly spoke. Candice leaned over the table to face Haniah.

"Something going on!" She said loudly.

"Woah! If anything is happening, wouldn't you tell me?" Melissa faced Haniah. Throwing her hands up in the air, Haniah replied,

"Nothing's going on! And yes, I would. So stop worrying!" Candice sank back down onto her seat and Melissa relaxed.

"So what about Shannon?" Melissa asked softly, speaking in almost a whisper. She looked at Shannon with guilt in her eyes.

"Don't worry about her. She's not exactly a people person." The era on our table went from loud to calm and quiet. I could feel a scratch in the back of my throat from the laughing when I spoke quietly.

Even though Shannon was sat at the same table, her eyes were lost in the light of her phone. She surely wasn't listening.

"I had fun today. It was nice." Haniah said thoughtfully, which brung a smile to each of our faces except for one individual. Flashing back to the laughs we had on our first night out together, it was something I never got to do with just Sophia and Shannon.

Yeah-me and Sophia tried, but anything we did was always ruined by Shannon. We even hung out, just Sophia and I, but we didn't have as much fun with Shannon on our minds. It's like without her or with her, her presence just stays with us.

Now Candice, Haniah and Melissa are here, I feel like all of us together are over powering the misery Shannon trails along behind her.

I only believe she sticks to us because Niall tells her to, he sure thinks Shannon, Sophia and I are all really close friends. Reality check Niall, she likes none of us and none of us like her.

We of course try and get her involved, but she just keeps pushing herself out. No ones close enough to her to find out what her actual problem is. So through time, Sophia and I slowly gave up. If she's not going to try, our reason to try is what?

Well obviously for Niall's sake, we have to try and get along.

Candice's POV

As we reached the hotel, the sun was already setting down. But the lights of the paparazzi shined brightly outside of the the uber. Sophia pointed out of the window as we all looked.

"George is out there with some other guys." We all nodded, I looked over to Haniah and Melissa as we all looked to each other. Clearly nervous. "It's alright guys, they'll get us through." Sophia assured us. Opening the door, George hurried us all out and we were blinded by the extremely bright flashes from the paparazzi.

"Is it true you and Zayn are together?" One man shouted in the crowd of people. I looked towards Melissa as it was clear the question was aimed at her. She opened her mouth and took a big gulp. Haniah grabbed onto Melissa's wrist in the confined space and came close to her ear and said something not audible due to the noise of the camera's going off.

We were pulled along by the bodyguards to the the entrance of the hotel. People stood at the reception looked back at us, confused at all the commotion. We all stood, in fright after coming into the safe zone. I was pushed at the back by Shannon.

"Move forward." She didn't take a glance at me and pushed me out of her way so she could stand infront of us all and not near the doors. What is her problem?

"Is please too kind?" I asked her, looking at the back of her head and she turned around. Rolling her eyes, she folded her arms and stood next to Elenor.

"Just a little bit." She said, turning around, thinking that I couldn't here her.

"Excuse your mother fucking mouth you bitch. The fuck is your problem? I swear to God, you're more depressing than a fucking funeral. You've been nothing but a tight ass throughout this entire day! If you have a problem with me, Haniah or Melissa, just fucking say so!" I clenched my fists, having everyone's attention. All their looks worried me like I said something rude.

Well hey, ok, it might've been a little rude but it was all true.

"Like I wanted to even step a mile close to you." Her tone grew from quiet to loud, loudest she's ever been I'm guessing. Flipping her hair, she strutted out of the reception with her high heels clicking. Oh how much I wanted them to snap.

All eyes watched Shannon as she clicked away, when the sound of her cricket heels disappeared, they all came back to me.

"Holy shit." Haniah said. Her eyes wide like the others.

"Niall's going to have some problems with you when he finds out." Sophia spilled.

"Well, I'm lucky he's not my boyfriend then."


-Written by 1D_EsarangXhajaO

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