Once there was a girl who was more than talented but beautiful in many peoples eyes. Her hair was strawberry blonde and her eyes where lime green. She grew up happy and wonderful, with 'fast fingers', a quick mind and a charm that impressed everyone- including strangers. Everyone adored her: Parents, teachers, schoolmates- they all admired her. Even the weird mark on her shoulder seemed like a gift, it was shaped like a heart- from my eyes anyway. This is not her story. Unless you count the part where I killed her.


5. Chapter 4

I slowly opened my eyes to darkness. I was in a holding cell. I slowly got up trying to find my centre of gravity. I went up to the door and banged on it. "Hello?" I asked. 
"She's awake." I heard one of the officers say to another. The bolted door opened. Without any say I got taken to a questioning room, I was dreading what they where going to say. "Hello Alice." The officer gave a fake smile. I didn't answer. "So. I'm going to ask you some questions. Please answer truthfully." I nodded.
"Where were you on 2nd of October at 3.20pm ?" 
"At my school." I answered.
"What where you doing?" 
"I was having an argument with Jessica." 
"Jessica Oswald." I told him trying to get it over and done with. He nodded whilst writing down notes.
"Was there any violence between you both?" 
"Yes. I punched her in the face, twice. She grabbed my hair and threw me against a wall." 
"Do you know where Jessica Oswald is?" 
"No." I answered.
"Was anyone else with you at the time of the argument?" 
"Apparently. Harrison, the guy you got hold of at the same time as me." He nodded.
"One of our police officers disappeared after you ran away from being questioned. Do you know where he is?" 
"Have you had any contact with anyone since you ran away and when you where found." 
"Harrison obviously and I came across Jessica's dad." 
"Any idea where he is?" I shook my head. 
"Ah." I felt my face, blood. I looked into the room next door. Harrison was staring at me. "What is it?" He asked. 
"It's nothing." I said trying to be focused again. A tranquilliser dart suddenly went passed my eyes. I quickly turned to Harrison "stop it!" I shouted.
"Make me!" He shouted back. 
"What's going on? What just happened?" The officer asked confused. I didn't reply. Harrison quickly ran out of his room. The door to the room I was in flew open. "Fuck off!" I shouted at him as he walked in.
"Like I said, make me!" I quickly got up and attempted to punch him in the face. Instead, he caught my fist. He laughed silently. "See, your new to this. You think you can hurt me? Try me!" 
"Stop this now!" One police officer out of two of them said.
"Tell him that!" I told them. They suddenly both melted. 
"Now no one can distract us."
"You where so nice. What happened?" 
"It's called acting."
"...why haven't you killed me yet?" I asked him.
"I like a challenge." He answered.  I made a run for it. I didn't wanna stay there with him. He chased after me. I pushed past so many people to get away. How was I supposed to get away? 

I ran all the way to my house, it might not be the best idea but at least it's something. I knew he wouldn't go near humans when he's angry, he can't stop his eyes from changing- they would easily find out. Whereas the joy of being home made mine change back to bright blue. 

I ran in, slammed the door and locked it. "Who's there?" I heard my Mum say as she ran through. "Alice?" 
"....hi." I said trying to get my breath back. 
"Why are you here?" She asked.
"It's my house too." I told her.
"Fine then, I'll go put you in a children's home." 
"Where's this all coming from?" I asked trying not to get angry. I suddenly realised the mark on her shoulder. It was just like Jessica's. 
"What's that on your arm?" She ignored me. I knew they where connected somehow. "Just get out of my house." My mother said quietly. "What if I don't?" I asked. She ran towards me. I hadn't a clue what was wrong with her but I didn't want to stay to find out. I quickly opened the door from behind me and slammed it before she could get through. "You happy you came home?" Harrison said from behind me.
"What did you do?" I asked trying to let it all sink in.
"Nothing." He lied trying to make me feel bad.
"I don't care if you lie or not." I told him.
"You gonna come with me or not?" He asked. "You know it would be easier." 
"No it wouldn't. You'll kill me if I come with you, you said that yourself. Whereas here, people may not believe me but at least I won't get hurt." 
"You say that as if you believe it." He continued. "You think you you still won't get hurt, you will. They'll find out what you are, people have already seen it. They'll run tests on you, they won't let you escape."
"Better than dying though, don't you think?" I asked.
"I have to take you there." Harrison told me.
"No you don't." I replied.
"They'll kill me." 
"So when you die it means something but when I do its nothing." He didn't reply. "I'm not going with you." 
"Well it wasn't really an option." He told me as I heard sirens, the police where after us. I looked ahead of me, it was them. The others, black eyes already showing. RUN that's all I could think. I quickly panicked and sprinted down the road. My legs where already aching and I knew they couldn't carry the weight of my body much longer. I could see them catching up to me, all of them. I was faster than a police car, which was good, but so where they. I ran out of breath, I was running for ages, I felt as if I could faint- I was that weak.

They where getting closer. 10 feet, 6 feet, 2 feet. I was quickly grabbed and held back. "Hello again." Harrison smiled. The police car was right behind them. It slowed, then stopped. "I told you your just making it worse for yourself." Harrison continued. "Someone's gonna get hurt here and it ain't me." 
"We'll see." I told him. Two police men got out of the car. 
"What do we have here then? Do you think your clever running off like that?" He pointed the question at me.
"It wasn't my fault!" I told him.
"I've had enough of this." He said as he came over with handcuffs. 
"Stop." Harrison said, he was still holding me back. The other two where hiding round the corner, pretending to not know us. The police men didn't give any notice of what Harrison said and kept on coming coming towards us. I couldn't stand it anymore and quickly thought of Harrison being punched in the face. The impact of it made him fall to the floor. "What was that?" Asked the other man. 
"Nothing." I answered. 
"Were not blind." 
"I know." I told them.
"Then answer me." The man got impatient 
"You really wanna know?" I asked, almost as if it was a threat. I made my eyes go red for a few seconds. "What was that?" The other man asked. "It's nothing." One of Harrison's kind came from behind me.
"Who are you?" 
"I'm no one." He answered just as they both died, melted again. 
"You didn't have to do that." I told him as I turned to face him. It was the same man from my dream. "I haven't seen a Red-eye for years." He said smiling. A girl, his friend came over and helped Harrison up. "You bitch!" Harrison shouted as he regained consciousness.
"You can talk." I told him. "Ah." I quickly said holding my head. It was as if I had a really bad brain freeze, only this time I just kept on getting worse until I passed out. 

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