Once there was a girl who was more than talented but beautiful in many peoples eyes. Her hair was strawberry blonde and her eyes where lime green. She grew up happy and wonderful, with 'fast fingers', a quick mind and a charm that impressed everyone- including strangers. Everyone adored her: Parents, teachers, schoolmates- they all admired her. Even the weird mark on her shoulder seemed like a gift, it was shaped like a heart- from my eyes anyway. This is not her story. Unless you count the part where I killed her.


2. Chapter 1

My eyelids flickered open to the overwhelming light of day as if someone was shining a bright torch above me. My arms felt heavy and took a while to make it to my face to brush off the knotted strands of light brown hair. I suddenly sat up realising my mouth was dry and that I desperately needed a drink. To the side of me I fumbled around to open the zip to my scratched up backpack. I slowly took sips from my squashed water bottle having to limit my self until I could find another source of clean, fresh water. I looked around me, yawning as I did so. Half of the tree I was sleeping under had broken off during the night, leaves and twigs surrounded me, covering the lower half of my body. The clouds hung high in the air, covering up any signs of a good day. My brain was fuzzy and it took me a while to realise where I was. I sat in a dry ditch hidden from the world behind a huge Amur Corktree. It was about eight-hundred odd yards from the beautiful flowing river that was miles away from my old home. My legs ached from walking the day before and they where bruised from me slipping up on a wet patch of grass, luckily no one saw. 


I started brushing off the leaves from my jeans to find a brown stain. Dry blood. I looked at my arm. "Shit." It happened again. I traced my fingers along the huge scratch mark, I can't believe I didn't realise it before. It didn't sting so much now but I couldn't imagine what pain I was in when it happened.

It was when I was twelve. I had a bad dream, it wasn't the first time but it was a first time for something. In my dream I was running from a ghost, a shadow. I was screaming at the top of my lungs for help, shelter and safety but all that did was make my vision get darker and blurred- I could barely see a thing. 
I ended up falling over what felt like the root of a tree sticking out of the dry mud. I fell twisting my angle and getting a huge scratch across my face, I felt the blood drip down and cover my trembling lips. It was behind me. Screaming. "Darling wake up!" I heard my mum say as my soul was ripped away from dreamland and out back into my sleeping body. I was breathing deeply, my heart was pounding. "You where shouting out for help. Are you alright?" 
"I....I think so." I said softly. I then licked my lips trying to get rid of the dryness. "Oh my god. How did this happen?" I asked myself. 
"What is-" my mother didn't finish. She had flicked on my side lamp and had realised the huge scratch across my face. "How'd' you do that?" She said holding me close. "It was my dream-"
"Don't be silly. Dreams aren't real." She told me with a hint of annoyance in her words.
"But nothin'." I stared up at her. "Do we have to go through this again? Dreams are just dreams. They are formed of your imagination. It ain't real." 
"Can't you just listen-" 
"No more Alice. I think this has gone on long enough, hasn't it?" I looked down. "Yeah." I said quietly.
"I'm sorry?" She asked trying to get a good enough answer out of me.
"Yes Mum." I told her as I sighed. 
"So what did you do to cause that?" She said looking at the blood stuck to my face. "I don't know." I told her. Because if I say anything else she'll just class it as a lie. "Honestly, I give up talking to you. Now, let's go wash that off." She stood up from kneeling down beside my bed. I sat up and pushed my duvet to the side. I stood up. "Ah." I said sitting back down on my bed. 
"What is it now?!" She shouted.
"I think I've twisted my ankle." I told her.
"And how'd you do that?" She questioned.
" must if been how I was sleeping." I lied. She knew I wasn't being truthful and could see through the weariness in my eyes like open doors.

I know I'm different from everyone else. Who has bad dreams and have scars to prove it? - No one I know. It's been happening ever since I was ten . But why? Surely if I was meant to have it I would of had it since I was a helpless babe. But no. Some would probably call me extraordinary but I would call myself impossible. 

What was in my dream last night? I asked myself. I thought hard until my mind finally found the answer. I was standing on a bridge, the bridge which crossed the river. I was standing there peacefully listening to the water flow and wash out all of my worries......until I was pushed. I tried to hang on but It only worked for a couple of seconds. I plunged into the water hitting my head and passing out- that's all I can remember. It still doesn't solve my problem. It might not of been in my dream. Although it's unlikely to be anything else. 

The blood seeped through my clothes as her hands clamped over her face.

"What have you done?!" Jessica shouted.

"I didn't mean to-"

"Your such a bitch!" She spitted as she pushed me back.

"It isn't my fault!" I shouted back at her.

"Then who's fault was it? The wind?!" She asked annoyed?

"I'm sick of you! Why do you have to be such at brat?!"

"Oh. I'm the brat now am I?" I managed to punch her in the face again whilst she grabbed hold of my hair and pushed me against a wall. "You know I've always been better than you at everything!"

"I don't give a fuck!"

That's when it happened; she screamed as loud as possible as if someone had drove a knife through her back. She started coughing up blood, it trickled down her chin and onto her blue school blouse and tie. That's when it happened. She melted, like an ice cream on a sunny day. Then disappeared as if she was never there.

"Stop it." I told myself. Remembering that scares me. Was I the reason she's dead? No one had the answer. I looked down at my backpack and decided to get out my portable radio that had about a days left of battery in. I turned it on. At first it burst out with a load of gibberish but then it when back to its normal ways. The person being broadcasted was talking about a load of medicine that could give you bad illnesses, I couldn't be bothered to listen. Well, I listened when they started talking about Jessica. I stayed quiet and my heart raced increased as I gulped. "Jessica Oswald, age sixteen, went missing three days ago. The last time she was seen was at her local school. Alice Edwards was the last to be seen with her, also age sixteen. We don't know if Alice was kidnapped or if she simply ran away as no one saw her after being with Jessica. All we ask is that if you see either of them to report it straight away. Thank-you." Well at least no rumours and been spread. I then pushed the off button and the voice slowly faded away.


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