Kiss You

She used to be Harry's girlfriend, before he became famous. They used to love each other, before he became famous. Then one day, he left. He left and never came back. But Jade had a secret... A secret so big it could ruin his career... A secret so big, none of them knew about it... But what happens when he coms back?


1. Chapter 1




"LONDON!!" I yelled grabbing her school bag. London was my 5 year old daughter. Sadly I had wanted to have a 5 year old daughter a little later in life, considering the fact that I'm only 20, but thats what happens when you make stupid mistakes. I stopped to take a quick look at myself in the mirror before I headed to work. I was wearing a pair of dark wash jeans, a white top and a navy blue blazer. My 5 inch wedges gave extra height to my 5'7 frame and my blonde hair was pulled back in a high ponytail with a few strands falling out. I watched as London came bouncing down the stairs. Her brown hair was around mid-back and her green eyes made her look stunning. She looked so much like her dad I was afraid one day someone would spread the word and he would find out. Yes, London's dad was the one and only Harry Styles. We used to date before the X-factor and thats how she came a long. We never really talked after she left so I raised her by myself. I adjusted the strap on her dress as she ate her toast and said

"I'm ready Mommy!" she said, I laughed and picked her up, strapping her into her car seat. 

"Here's your lunchbox, baby girl, don't forget it ok." I said as we started to drive. 


After I dropped London off at school I headed to work. I worked as a photographer for major events, and people payed me a lot of money for it. Today I was headed off to the studio to shoot some band for there new perfume. I parked in the lot and my best friend Kasey came running out. 

"You're late Jay," she said. Jay is what she called me instead of Jade. She handed me a warm peppermint mocha. It was almost christmas and I love the drinks at Starbucks this time of year. 

"I know but, I had to drop London off at school," I said giving her a hug and walking into the studio. My boss Matt was waiting in the studio. Matt was the kind of guy that was considered a stud, but I considered him one of my really good friends. 

"You're late Jade," he said smiling at me, "You know if your late to much more I can fire you," he said

"Yeah but you wouldn't," I smirked and set up my camera. "Ok so who are we shooting today?" I asked

"Some british boy band called one direction." he said. I almost spit out my coffee ONE DIRECTION, that was harry's band,he probably won't recognize me, after all when we dated my hair was a dyed black and I was a lot shorter. Every since he left I stopped dying my hair black and let it go back to it's original pale blonde color (I was going through a goth phase when I was 15) plus I had grown a good 4 inches. I calmed my self down and turned to matt

"Ok I'm ready bring them in," I said turning on my camera. He returned quickly and introduced me.

"Ok boys this is your photographer, Jade West," I waved and shook there hands

"Ok well should be get started," I said looking at Harry noticing that he hadn't stopped staring at me. 

"Jade," he whispered before he moved in front of the camera


"That's a wrap!!!" I shouted relived. The shoot was a lot more fun than I had expected. I was packing up my stuff when I noticed harry in the corner leaning against the door frame.

"Jade West," he said smirking "you look... different," he paused "I like it,"

"Hi Harry," I said my voice slightly chilly, I mean how could you blame me, this man has been out of my life without even contacting me for 5 years. 

You dyed your hair blonde?" he asked raising an eyebrow

"No I just washed out the black dye," I said standing up strait to look him in the eye. 

"You never told me you had blonde hair," he said walking closer to me. In my 5 inch heels I was almost his height maybe an inch shorter. "And you grew, quite a lot. I remember when you had to stand on your tippy toes to kiss me,"

"Well that was a long time ago," I said taking a step back, "How long are you in New York for?" I asked desperately trying to change the subject from out past relationship.

"Till February," he shrugged, there was an awkward silence and I checked my watch, Shit it was 3 I had to pick London up from school. 

"Um, I gotta go, I guess I'll see you around,"  I said giving an awkward wave. I started to walke when I felt an arm pull me back

"Can I at least get your phone number?" he asked

"Sure," I said giving it to him, then picked up my bag and headed to the car. Right as I entered I got a text

From: Unkown

P.S you looked so hot today         


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