Live And Die Serving

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  • Published: 4 Sep 2014
  • Updated: 4 Sep 2014
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A new officer has joined a crack team of space marines and their first mission proves to be extremely dangerous and they run into some very nasty surprises


6. The Officer

What’s left of Nova team (Axel, Enzo, Khasun and Zao) is led by armed soldiers into the hangar which is virtually empty except for 3 soldiers standing in the middle of the room and Blake is at their feet. The officer is in the middle and the two soldiers are standing either side. The members of Nova team (who are handcuffed) are forced to their knees in line with Blake.

Officer: So then, how are we all? Anyone? I was just trying to make pleasant conversation.

Axel: Why are we here?

Officer: Whatever do you mean?

Axel: Why didn’t you just kill us?

Officer: Well, if I wanted to kill you I could have done it anytime, no, no, I wanted you alive. But don’t worry, I will kill you later. Wait a moment, 1,2,3,4 there are only 4 here, where are 5 and 6.

Zao: Dead.

Officer: Really? That’s a shame, I wanted to get the whole set but I guess 5 out of 7 will do.

Axel: You still haven’t said why you want us alive.

Officer: Because you were part of the deal.

Khasun: Deal? What deal?

Officer: Do you know what this is?

He officer holds up the microchip.

Khasun: I assume that’s the microchip.

Officer: Yes, this has information on it that will sculpt the rest of the war. Now do you know who this is? Bring in the prisoner!

Two more soldiers bring in the scientist Alberta Steinberg.

Khasun: Wait, no, no you can’t!

Officer: Ah now you’re still as clever as I remember.

Khasun: Remember? Have we met before?

Officer: Oh yes…

The officer takes off her helmet. A woman with short golden brown hair is revealed.

Axel: What the hell!!

Khasun: What is this, how can you be here! What the hell are you doing?!

Kat: Now, is that anyway to great your old teammate Kat? I’m hurt.

Zao: But, you left, you committed suicide, it was confirmed.

Kat: Scientists can be bought quite easily.

Khasun: But why?

Kat: Why? Why?! I’ll tell you why, I was sick and tired of always having to follow orders from the excuse for a commander Hunter.

Axel: How dare you, you take that back!

Kat: Or what? No, I should have been in charge of the squad from the start. I could have led us to more victories than he ever could. Now, to be fair, I am not saying he was a bad soldier, no-one could say that but a leader? No.

Axel: He had a brilliant tactical mind. He could have gone all the way up if you hadn’t cut him down.

Kat: He’s a soldier, deal with it. It is your job to die in the field. What was your old motto? “Live and Die Serving”? Well he abided by it very well. Anyway, this woman is the only person who knows how to recreate this microchip.

She takes out a pistol and calmly shoots her in the head.

Kat: This chip just went up infinitely in value, yay!

Axel: You bitch.

Kat: Ooh, language Axel.

She kicks him in the face, blood goes everywhere.

Kat: Now, since you aren’t going to get out of here alive; I’m going to tell you my little secret.

Axel: Oh yeh, what might that be?       

Kat: Haven’t you been wondering how I’ve out witted you at every turn? Come out; come out my favourite secret weapon.

Enzo gets up and moves towards Kat. She unlocks his cuffs and hugs him.

Axel: No, no way, Enzo!

Khasun: What have you done?

Zao: How could you do this to us?

Kat: Yes, yes, dear Enzo has been playing you the whole time. Ever since he discovered I was actually alive he has been aided be in bringing down the IRAF in particular, Nova team. He has been telling me all of your plans and I countered them in order to lead you right here.

Enzo: You see, I was always jealous of Hunter. Hunter was the one who she fell in love with and it when they got married it crushed me. But I saw how he underappreciated her and I knew their marriage was doomed to fail. When my wish came true and she left him I wanted to tell her how I felt, how I always felt. But she disappeared and I thought I would never see her again and when I heard news of her death I was so close to committing suicide myself. But then I realised. Kat was the strongest most ambitious person I ever knew and there was no way she would end her own life. So, I went looking for her. I told you lot I was “going on a trip to do a year- long course on the construction of gene feed. Honestly, you guys are so gullible. So for a year I searched across the galaxy and ventured even into the outer rim. I was about to give up hope but then, I remembered something Kat said a long, long time ago. She said she always wanted to visit the planet Tempai to train with the Yong-He monks. So that’s where I went and, to my delight, I found her and told her everything I felt and pledged my allegiance and life to her.  And ever since then, for 2 glorious months I have been in touch with her and helping her.

Kat: And what a fantastic help you have been.

Enzo: You know, I probably could have saved Hunter from those wounds, but there was no way I was going to let a chance like that slip away.

Ace: Nooooo, you bastard!!

Ace leaps down from the rafters of the hangar and on his way down shoots one of the soldiers standing next to Kat onto another of the soldiers standing next to Kat and shoots him in the head, then he grabs Enzo hostage and at blinding speed glacks all the soldiers standing behind Nova team then, his hand round Enzo’s neck he turns to Kat who is pointing his gun at Axel’s head.

Kat: I must say that was quite impressive. You must be Hunter’s replacement.

Ace: Drop the weapon or I will shoot him.

Kat: I highly doubt that.

Ace: I swear to god I will splatter his brains all over the floor.

Kat: Well, the reason I doubt that is because you only have one shot left and you can’ kill us both.

Again, at high speed Ace shoots Enzo in the head and while he is falling steals his gun from his pocket and frantically fires at Kat but just hits her arm which makes her drop the gun. He then charges at her Fight scene RvB season 10 episode 9. At the end Ace punches her to the ground then runs over to her.

Ace: Where are the keys?

Kat: Here.

She reaches into her pocket and gives the keys to Ace who then goes over and unlocks Axel.

Ace: Go and unlock the others.

He walks back to Kat.

Ace: Give me the microchip, now.

Kat: Oh you mean this microchip.

She holds it up and then crushes it in her hand.

Kat: Now everyone is back to square one, ha.

He draws Enzo’s pistol from his belt.

Ace: This is for Hunter.

Suddenly hundreds of troops run in through the entrance and point their guns at Nova team.

Kat: Say hello to my private army.

Ace grabs Kat and takes her hostage.

Ace: Shoot us and I will kill her, guys line up behind me don’t let them get you in their targets and get ready.

Axel: Ready for what?

Kat: Well boys, see you in h…

Suddenly a huge gun ship bristling with weapons smashes through the wall and begins to fire everything. Missiles, gatling guns, lasers and guns down loads of soldiers who open fire.

Ace: get on the ship! Get on the ship now!

The team charge round the back and leap through the opening doors at the back. Ace throws Kat to the ground.

Ace: This is for Hunter you bitch.

He shoots her right through the skull then retreats back to ship.

Ace: Achilles, go, go, go!

Achilles: Yes sir! Hold on!

Achilles flies up and smashes through the roof.

Achilles: Scarlet Eagle to Dawn Spear, we’re coming home, over!

Command: Roger that Scarlet eagle, command out.

The gunship makes the jump to hyperspace and arrives at the Dawn Spear.

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