Live And Die Serving

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  • Published: 4 Sep 2014
  • Updated: 4 Sep 2014
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A new officer has joined a crack team of space marines and their first mission proves to be extremely dangerous and they run into some very nasty surprises


2. New Intel

Nova team is on a gunship heading for the main battle cruiser The Dawn Spear. The other soldiers are still rejecting Ace who is still talking to the Captain.

Ace: If you don’t mind me asking sir, what exactly are we meant to be looking for? I haven’t actually been told anything about this mission.

Hunter: Oh, of course, I’ll explain; one of our main informants by the name of Jessie Blake has gone missing. He is a commander in the fleet of New Australia and has been secretly supplying us with information for the last couple of months.

Ace: So, Jessie Blake… can we trust him?

Hunter: Well, he hasn’t let us down yet so we have no reason to suggest otherwise. Anyway, 3 days ago Blake disappeared and is being held in an unknown location. We knew he had something big to tell us and we had a rendezvous with him, but he never showed up. However luckily, or unluckily depending on how you look at it, we discovered a mole in our own forces and “coerced” him into telling us where he was. He told us that he was at that farm house, however, when we got there it had been destroyed. It had been destroyed recently so I don’t think he was lying. I just don’t know where he is now.

The scene cuts to a dark dank room with a man, shirtless, strapped to a chair. He is covered in burns, cuts and scars. He has long blonde hair and a beard. A soldier walks into the room and stands to attention. Another soldier, a soldier who is clearly a high ranking officer walks into the room. Both soldiers are wearing battle armour and helmets.

Officer: So, Mr Blake, you have resisted our torcher methods quite admirably so far but, play time is over.

The officer draws a pistol from its holster and aims it at his knee.

Officer: Now, where is she, your secret service has hidden her well, but you know we will find her eventually; you’ll just be speeding up the process.

Blake: If I tell you, you’ll just kill me anyway.

Officer: It couldn’t hurt your chances.

Blake: You realise you will die, this path can only end one way.

Officer: I’d advise you to keep you’re trap shut. You have no idea what I’m capable of.

Blake spits on the officer’s helmet.

Officer: So be it.

The officer blasts his kneecaps and they shatter and a spurt of blood comes out. Bits of blood and bone fly across the room and Blake squeals in pain and passes out.

Officer: Sergeant, fix him up, make sure he doesn’t die, when he wakes up; tell me.

Sergeant: Yes sir!

The officer and sergeant stroll out of the room and the sergeant shuts the door behind him. The scene cuts back to Nova team. They have landed on the Dawn Spear and are on the bridge with Colonel Hamilton.

Hamilton: So, what’s the situation captain?

Hunter: well sir… the Intel was faulty, he wasn’t there, sorry sir.

Hamilton: Faulty eh? Bring the prisoner here now!

Hunter: Sir, wait! It wasn’t totally faulty, there was evidence that he had been there, and very recently, he was just moved when we got there.

Hamilton: Is that so? Ok then… ah, you must be the new recruit to my humble spec ops team.

Ace: Yes sir.

Hamilton: I must say, your file was very impressive, even the inked out bits. To be honest, I expected you to be, taller.

The rest of Nova team snigger, they are all taller than Ace.

Hamilton: However (harshly looking at the team) that never stopped Napoleon did it. Anyway, ah here we go, Lieutenant, meet; the traitor, I believe you may have met before…

A man in handcuffs, escorted by 2 guards, walks onto the bridge. He is the same height as Ace with matted hair and an uncombed beard. He is not as wounded as Blake but he still looks shaken.  He and Ace stare into each other’s eyes and Ace stops dead still.

Hamilton: Ex-lieutenant of the 95th battalion, Mark Nixon. More importantly your old lieutenant is he not Ace?

Ace nods, still frozen.

Hamilton: Ok team; let’s go to the interrogation room shall we?

Nova team, the Colonel and Nixon walk along a long corridor and enter a lift still in silence. Hamilton presses a button right at the bottom of the panel. They get out and enter a room with a desk and 2 chairs either side. There is a 1 way mirror covering 1 wall.

Hamilton: Now, who would like to interrogate Mr Nixon, would you lieutenant?

Ace nods

Hamilton: I thought you might; take Nixon into the room the boys and I will watch from the other room.

Ace pushes Nixon into the room and shuts it behind him as the others shuffle into the little room behind the mirror. They sit down on either side of the desk.

Nixon: It’s grand to see you again Ace, it’s been a while. Wow, a lieutenant, haven’t you been busy.

Ace: You know, I always knew you were a traitor, a weasel, a rat. You would give up anything if it gave you a fat pay check, or to save your worthless little life.

Nixon: Oh you did, did you? Well done to you then. How did you make it to lieutenant? Who did you sleep with to get that position?

Ace: Actually, I saved the general’s life from three bandits on bikes with only a pistol.

Nixon: Wow, why did you let the general get in that situation in the first place? You have always been a pathetic excuse for a soldier, nay, a pathetic excuse for a human.

He spits on the floor. The scene cuts to behind the mirror.

Hunter: Wow, they are really at each other’s throats. What is it between those 2, sir?

Hamilton: As I said, Nixon was Ace’s old lieutenant when he was in the ranks. Needless to say they hated each other. Nixon treated Ace like shit, any excuse to give him a bollocking and Nixon would crush him. Nixon, (he shudders) is a terrible human being. Disgusting. It’s ridiculous that he was allowed into the army, let alone made an officer. He loves inflicting pain, mentally and physically on whoever he wants. Ace was an easy target. He was too… rebellious.

Hunter: Rebellious? Is that someone we want in our team, my team?

Hamilton: Ok, rebellious might not be the right word; independent, fast thinking, good initiative. Everything that he wasn’t.

Hunter: Well, if you vouch for him, I trust your judgement.

Hamilton: Good, now…. Oh no, go, GO!

Ace has grabbed his chair and is swiftly moving towards the door with fire in his eyes. He jams it under the door handle

Hamilton: Sargent, stop him, STOP HIM!

Axel rams against the door but it is no use

Nixon: Now that’s more like it… Feel the anger.

Ace: Where is he!?

He smashes him in the face, his jaw cracks.

Ace: Where is he!?

He smashes him again

Nixon: Why should I tell you? (Laughing) They are willing to go to much greater depths to get information than you!

Ace: Now we’re getting somewhere, who are “they”?

Nixon: I’m not telling you anything.

Ace: Fine.

He takes out a knife.

Hamilton: Don’t do it lieutenant! That’s a direct order!

Ace stabs him in the leg and he yells.

Ace: You did teach me 1 thing Nixon.

Nixon: Oh yeah, what’s that then.

Ace: No remorse.

Ace smashes Nixon’s head on the table several times.

Nixon: Please…stop.

Ace: Looks like I’ve nicked a pretty important artery there. That’s unlucky…

Nixon: Please…

Ace: You might want to tell me quickly, or you’re gonna bleed out.

Nixon: Ok, Ok, please, I heard them saying something about… about Pluton, the planet Pluton on the border between the inner and outer rim, now please I feel faint.

Ace: I’m gonna need more than that and time’s running out.

Nixon: Please, they’ll kill me!

Ace: Don’t tell me and you’ll die anyway.

Nixon: Yarin city. New Australia. That’s all I know I swear.

Ace: Fine, you don’t deserve it but I’ll let you live.

Ace walks to the door, unblocks the door and barges past Axel.

Ace: There, you heard him, Pluton.

Hamilton: That was wreckless, irresponsible…

Hunter: But effective. We know where we’re going. Pluton.

Hamilton: You do realise that is a grade 5 hostile planet.

Hunter: and you realise that we are Nova team, the best squad in the inner rim.

Hamilton: Well, let’s hope you can put your money where your mouth is. We’ll set a course for the Pluton quadrant but we can’t go near there in this cruiser.

Hunter: Fine, Achilles will fly us in, no problem.

Hamilton: I hope you’re right.

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