Live And Die Serving

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  • Published: 4 Sep 2014
  • Updated: 4 Sep 2014
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A new officer has joined a crack team of space marines and their first mission proves to be extremely dangerous and they run into some very nasty surprises


1. New Faces

Scene: An abandoned half destroyed farm house. A few men can be seen trawling through the wreckage looking for something. A helicopter hovers six feet over the ground and a soldier jumps out. He is fully clad in battle armour and has an assault rifle clipped to his back. He is carrying his helmet under his arm as he walks up to the house. He is a stocky young man with tousled long brown hair and grey eyes, barely visible under his long fringe. As he walks up to the house all the soldiers turn and stare at him except one who sits down and looks at the floor as though impatiently waiting for something. The new soldier, Ace, walks up to a giant of a soldier and begins to talk.

Ace: I’m looking for Captain Hunter of nova team.

The tall soldier looks down on him as he is a piece of dirt. He towers above Ace. He is broad shouldered, menacing and battle hardened.

Axel: (heavy Scottish accent) Aye, you must be the new recruit

He steps back

Axel: not much is he lads?

The others laugh

Ace: Oh, you’re from Scotland, you don’t see many Scottish people nowadays.

He knows immediately that he has made a mistake as Axel slowly turns his head and glares at him.

Axel: What was that laddy, what are you trying to say? Not good enough for the army are we?

Ace: No, no that’s not what I meant; I fought for the United Kingdom, 95th battalion, at the Battle of Ragnarok against New Europe. A lot of scots gave their lives to secure that victory. They fought bravely.

Axel: Aye, they did and I bet you were cowering at the back with the rest of the English.

Ace: Actually, I was in the front line when we planted the colours.

Long silence

Axel: So you think you are up for being in Nova team do you? Well then, let’s see what you’ve got.

He takes a huge swing at Ace who seamlessly moves his head out the way.

Ace: What!? I’m not going to fight you! Are you mad!

Axel takes another swing, Ace dodges again.

Ace: I’m warning you, stop! That’s an order!

Axel: Is it now?!

He takes another swing

Ace: Is there a medic here?

Axel steps back looking puzzled.

Axel: Aye, Enzo over there is the best medic in the inner rim.

He points at another very tall man with glasses who looks up and nods at Ace. Although probably taller than Axel, he had a much kinder and pristine face and wasn’t as bulky.

Ace: Fine… Shall we carry on?

Axel: Aye, now he wants a fight, ok then laddy I’ll give you a fight.

The man who is sitting down also looks up intrigued. Meanwhile, Axel makes a huge swing at Ace’s head, but Ace is too quick, he grabs Axel’s outstretched arm and viciously smashes it against his knee. There is a loud crack that echoes through the surroundings Axel shouts in agony and steps back. The other soldiers loom towards Ace and suddenly…

Hunter: That is enough!

The sitting man leaps to his feet

Hunter: Zao, Khasun get back, Enzo fix up Axe, you!

He points at Ace

Hunter: here, now!

Ace marches up to Hunter and stands to attention

Hunter: I am Captain Hunter of Nova team. Is that any behaviour for a lieutenant to display in front of his fellow soldiers.NO!

Ace: Um, but, err…

Hunter suddenly begins to chuckle and then bursts out laughing. However, everyone else remains silent.

Hunter: That was one hell of a move right there though, you are very, very fast. I reckon you could even give me a run for my money.

 He takes Ace aside for a moment.

Hunter: Look, don’t worry about the lads; they just don’t respect you at the moment because you were raised from the ranks. If you assert your authority a bit more then they will start to respect you and once they have your back, they are the best allies you will ever get in this god forsaken war.

He then turns aside again and puts his hand to his ear

Hunter: This is Nova 1, Nova 6 do you read?

Achilles: This is Nova 6, I read you loud and clear.

Hunter: Ok 6, come pick us up, he ain’t here.

Achilles: Really, I was sure he would be here; I swear the Intel would be sound. Hamilton is going to be pissed.

Hunter: Nope, not here. We’ll find him, just not today. He would rather die than talk.

Achilles: That’s what I’m afraid of, ok, jumping now. Nova 6 out.

A large carrier gunship comes out of hyperspace over them, it begins to lower.

Hunter: Ok then lieutenant welcome to Nova team, you’re in for one hell of a ride.

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