Live And Die Serving

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  • Published: 4 Sep 2014
  • Updated: 4 Sep 2014
  • Status: Complete
A new officer has joined a crack team of space marines and their first mission proves to be extremely dangerous and they run into some very nasty surprises


3. Enemy Territory

Nova team is in a transport vehicle heading towards Yarin City. The team is being debriefed by Hunter.

Hunter: Now team listen up. Yarin city, unluckily for us, is one of the biggest cities in the galaxy with a population of nearly 100 million people. However, Dhan has been working his magic and has found out a way to narrow down our search.

He hands over to tall man of Asian descent. He is wearing glasses and has a reassuring look on his face.

Khasun: Thanks Hunter, now we know that Blake was kidnapped on Xenu on earth date 12.6.2525. He will have arrived at Yarin city yesterday or possibly even today. Now I have checked the databanks and 11 ships came to Yarin city from Xenu yesterday. None of the ships reports have any crew or passengers that resembled Blake, however, 1 ship was carrying a container used for carrying animals across the galaxy. This (he brings up a hologram of a ship) is the ship in question and it is registered to an address on 45th street in Yarin city. Now 45th street has a number of warehouses along it, exactly 5 and it is these that we will be checking out. Of course, as hostile soldiers, we cannot either carry firearms or wear uniforms so we will be travelling into the city in these (points to some robes) nomad cloaks. We break cover for no reason. The only weapons we can carry in are our side arms because they are just about small enough to keep completely hidden.

Enzo: But Khasun, our bullets are pretty loud and we don’t have suppressors.

Khasun lifts up a tiny pellet.

Khasun: This is a non-metal pellet filled with a highly acidic chemical which I have developed that is capable of burning through up to 3 inches of solid steel and, therefore, will do just fine against any unsuspecting guard or soldier who gets in your way. They are quieter than a suppressor and easier to carry around. Each of you has been given the route to 45th street on your wrist units. Just look at the map and follow the route and, from where we land it should take about between 15 and 20 minutes to reach it with no hiccups. We will take 20 seconds between each person leaving the vehicle so we don’t look like we’re travelling in a group.

Hunter: Ok guys, what is our motto?

Everyone except Ace chants at the same time.

Everyone: “Live and Die Serving!”

Hunter: That’s right. Ok soldiers move out.

One by one Nova team departs from the vehicle. The scene cuts to 20 minutes later and all Nova team members have arrived at 45th street and are skulking behind 1 of the warehouses planning their next move.

Zao: I vote we split up, we’ll cover more ground more quickly that way.

Enzo: But we’re also more likely to die if we get attacked on our own. I think we should all go in at once.

Hunter: Ok, right lads, this is what we’re gonna do; we don’t really know what kind of forces we’re dealing with yet so we’re all going into the same building at once. We are going to take the building in the middle as that is the 1 he is most likely going to be located in. It has the most cover and has the fewest windows. Zao, Khasun and Axe, you move in through this side door here, Ace and Enzo, you’re with me and we’re going straight in the front door. Are there any questions? No? Ok let’s move.

The soldiers get into position and move into the building with their guns ready.

Hunter: Ok then lieutenant, it’s time to show us what you can do.

Charlie tries the door and finds it unlocked.

Hunter: That’s odd, it’s unlocked. Come in Nova team; be on your guard this seems too easy.

Everyone: Roger that sir.

Silently, Hunter, Ace and Enzo walk into the warehouse. It is relatively small for a warehouse; there is only room for one aircraft which is parked in the middle of the hangar.

Hunter: Well lads, see anything?

Ace: No, although…

Hunter: Although what

Enzo looks up at Ace

Ace: Something doesn’t feel right sir, if this is a fully functioning warehouse and it’s the middle of a work day, where is everyone?

Enzo: The new guy has a point Captain.

Suddenly gunfire can be heard from the other end of the hangar, behind 2 doors and then the rest of the team come bolting through the doors all guns blazing.

Axel: Well sir, I think we found them!

Enzo: Sir, there are soldiers coming up on our six!

Hunter: Christ! It’s a trap! I knew this was too easy. Axel, did you see anywhere where Blake could be.

Axel: Not anywhere. I’m sure of it.

Hunter: Well then let’s get out of here. Axel, Will find something to bar those doors with! Ace, you and Enzo do the same for the front doors! Khasun you and I will look for the roof controls, we’re gonna fly this ship out of here ASAP!

The squad follow the orders and go to their designated positions. Khasun and Hunter run up to the upper level of the warehouse where a control panel can be seen.

Axel: I don’t think these doors are gonna hold much longer captain!

Ace: Neither are these sir!

Hunter: Hold on! Hold on! Dhan! Hurry up!

Khasun: Yeh, Yeh one pair of hands! Don’t rush me!

Hunter: What do you mean don’t rush you!? Hurry the hell up! That’s a bloody order!

Khasun: Ok! Ok! I got it opening doors n-n-now! Go! Go! Go!

Hunter: You heard him! Move!

The squad charges towards the ship’s doors which are now opening. As Hunter and Khasun reach the doors, the doors which Axel and Zao blocked smash open and an officer (the same officer who was interrogating Blake) fires a shotgun bolt that rips into Hunter as he is getting on board. Time stops still. The sounds of the surroundings dull. The camera pans around each of the teams’ faces. Time speeds back up, the sounds get louder.

Axel: Khasun! Grab his body! Get him on board!

Khasun grabs Charlie’s body and heaves it on board. He closes the doors with a remote. The camera zooms in on the unknown officer’s helmet.


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