Live And Die Serving

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  • Published: 4 Sep 2014
  • Updated: 4 Sep 2014
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A new officer has joined a crack team of space marines and their first mission proves to be extremely dangerous and they run into some very nasty surprises


5. Desperate Measures

The team are en-route to Lithios and are getting themselves ready. Ace is explaining his new thoughts to the team.

Ace: Ok lads this is what we’re gonna…hey, where is Enzo?

Zao: Oh, he went to the bathroom. Oh here he is.

Ace: Ok, the leaders from on high do not want me to tell you this but I think this mission is far too important for you to not know all the facts.

Axel: What are you on about?

Ace: The entire point of this mission was not to just retrieve Blake. The soldier, the one who took Hunter’s life, is a very successful mercenary who is in possession of a microchip on which are the instructions of how to manipulate the hardest element of the planet…

Khasun: Invictium.

Ace: Precisely. This masked mercenary, he has the chip and we need to get it back.

Axel: Why didn’t they tell us this to start with?

Ace: I have no idea, I only found out when I became head of the squad. Now, Khasun, I believe you have tracked their exact location.

Khasun: That’s right; they are in a seemingly abandoned hangar right in the middle of nowhere. This is good and bad for us. On the plus side, we are very unlikely to attract the attention of outer rim forces considering it is in the middle of nowhere. However, with so little cover it is going to be very hard to get into the hangar undetected. We know that he has a reasonably sized body of men at his disposal so the area should be well guarded.

Ace: Right. Now to start with, Achilles, I want you to drop us off about a click away from the objective and then take the ship back to command.

Achilles: Wait what? How are you gonna get out?

Ace: Well I need you to take this ship back and bring something back with a bit more firepower, just in case things get ugly.

Achilles: I see. It’s kind of risky don’t you think?

Ace: Well, it wouldn’t be a true Nova team mission if it wasn’t risky.

Achilles: So true.

Ace: So, having looked at the aerial shots, it seems that the best side of the hangar to attack is the south, so Achilles will drop us about a click in that direction. We’re then going to move as stealthily as possible towards to hangar. Make sure you are using the special bullets which Khasun designed for maximum shot suppression.

So Achilles has the maximum amount of time to get back to the Dawn Spear we are gonna use the flying squirrel suits to land.

Axel: Wow, I haven’t used those in a long time.

Ace: Ok, are there any questions? No? Ok. Achilles, how near are we?

Achilles: You can probably jump now sir.

Ace: Ok Nova team, you heard him, suit up!

The team are putting their squirrel suits over their body armour and get ready to bail. They are standing in the exit bay at the back of the ship. The door opens and staring right at them is a fully armed helicopter.

Ace: What the hell?! How did they know we were coming?! Ok team bail, bail, bail! I’ll buy you some time!

Axel: What, how?

Ace: Move soldier!

Ace (who hasn’t put his suit on yet) sprints out of the back and dives 10 feet at the helicopter and grabs hold of one of the side Gatling guns which pulls the copter sideways.

Ace: Go now!

Axel: No! Ace!

Zao: Come on Axe move! Don’t waste time!

Now all the team has left the ship and Achilles has jumped into hyperspace back to the Dawn Spear. Ace, who is still pulling the copter sideways, draws his battle rifle and shoots through the cockpit of the copter which kills the driver and sends it spinning out of control. The copter spirals towards the ground and explodes. The rest of the team have watched the whole thing and are waiting on the ground.

Zao: Oh god no, this isn’t happening, tell me this isn’t happening.

Axel: Come on guys, we’ve got to complete the mission; he gave his life so we could get that chip. Wait a second…

Axel is staring at Enzo who is staring back at him. Everyone realises at the same time that all of them have sniper rifle laser sights pointed right between their eyes. They all drop their weapons and stand up, putting their hands on their heads. 

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