Live And Die Serving

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  • Published: 4 Sep 2014
  • Updated: 4 Sep 2014
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A new officer has joined a crack team of space marines and their first mission proves to be extremely dangerous and they run into some very nasty surprises


7. A New Hope

The team have landed back on the Dawn Spear and have reconvened with Hamilton on the bridge.

Hamilton: Well then, your messages were quite unclear over the holocom unit.

Ace: Mission failed sir.

Hamilton: What? Hang on where’s Enzo?

Axel: Dead

Hamilton: What how?

Ace: He was a traitor, it turned out he had been helping the opposition the entire time.

Hamilton: I cannot believe this.

Zao: It turned out that the leader of the opposition was the old Nova 7.

Hamilton: Kat? But she was pronounced dead, how could this happen.

Ace: She got the microchip; she captured Alberta Steinberg and killed her in front of us. She was going to sell the chip to the outer rim forces but, when we stopped her, she crushed the chip in her hand.

Hamilton: So now the information is lost. That was our best hope.

Ace: You’re wrong.

Hamilton: What did you just say?

Ace: I said you’re wrong.

Hamilton: What am I wrong about, think carefully about your next words, they could be your last as an officer?

Ace: It wasn’t our best hope.

Hamilton: And what is our best hope lieutenant?

Ace: Soldiers. The skill, determination and dedication of the men and women who risk their lives every day to keep our galaxy in balance. Who show great courage in the face danger, who show no sign of fear when they are faced with the jaws of death themselves. Who will stop at nothing until there is true peace in the universe. Those soldiers, sir, they are our best hope of winning this war. If we did succeed and we did bring back the secret to the perfect bullet, who would be the ones who had to use those bullets? I’ll tell you who, those brave soldiers whose dream is to be able to go home to their family truly knowing that there is no chance of them being bombed, or ransacked or assaulted because they have put an end to this terrible war.

Long pause.

Hamilton: Yes, well, urr. No, I’m not saying that the soldiers aren’t excellent. Of course I’m proud to call myself a soldier and be categorized with the brave soldiers in the field. I was just saying…

Ace: What sir? What were you just saying? That now all hope is lost? That, without this new technology we’re done for with no hope of victory? Is that what you’re saying sir? Because that’s what I’m hearing. Hope will never be lost as long as the soldiers of the IRAF have fire in their eyes and courage in their hearts.

Hamilton: I’ve heard enough! Now commander I think it’s time to take your squad and get some well-deserved rest. You’ve got some recruiting to do tomorrow.

Ace: What?

Hamilton: We can’t have the legendary Nova team with only 5 members can we?

Ace: Sir, I don’t know what to say…

Hamilton: You have no need to say anything. You truly are and excellent soldier Ace, and you’ve done not only the IRAF proud, but you’ve done Hunter proud as well.

Ace: Thank you sir. Ok Nova team, dismissed!

Zoom out to view the whole ship which then jumps to hyperspace.

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