Same Mistakes

harry's girlfriend wants zayn, zayn wants liams girlfriend,liams girlfriend wants niall, niall wants louis girlfriend, nialls girlfriend wants zayn .Harry gets nialls girlfriend pregnant and, well people get mad. And their best friends want to turn the band against one another....... who will make the same mistakes and who will end up winning the fight? will the stay as a band or separate in to solo artists.....?


1. waiting

                          Claires P.O.V.

Danielle, Shelby, and I just won tickets, but we we don't know who's concert we're going to or where it is or when it is... this is not good. We started researching who was playing in what stadiums when and if their tickets were on sale yet, we came up with four bands; One Direction, 5 Seconds Of Summer, The Fray, and Emblem3. Two of these four bands were our favorite bands; 1D and 5SOS. We had begun to think , and hope, and pray that they would be tickets to one of the two bands, that we so dearly loved. We waited two more weeks before we got a letter saying our tickets got messed up and that we were going to meet one direction AND five seconds of summer. But the concerts were the day after all of our families were going on a cruise. What were we going to do, meet our idols or meet cute guys while tanning on a three-week cruise ship? Our parents had saved up for three and a half years for this cruise so we felt bad that we got meet-and-greet tickets to the best bands in the worlds concert. We were devastated. Danielle convinced her dad and mom to let her go, while Shelby and I could not fathom what was to come next. 

                          Danielle's P.O.V.

"Those two are funny," I thought to myself. What they don't know, is that the concert is on a cruise. The cruise. The one we're going on in two weeks. I didn't tell them this though. I had the three tickets, and I just didn't tell them all the information that was in the letter. The letter was signed and written by all nine of the boys. (This was a very valuable piece of paper we had here.) I asked my parents to tell Claire and Shelby's parents about this information, but not to tell Claire or Shelby what-so-ever.

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