Same Mistakes

harry's girlfriend wants zayn, zayn wants liams girlfriend,liams girlfriend wants niall, niall wants louis girlfriend, nialls girlfriend wants zayn .Harry gets nialls girlfriend pregnant and, well people get mad. And their best friends want to turn the band against one another....... who will make the same mistakes and who will end up winning the fight? will the stay as a band or separate in to solo artists.....?


2. The Cruise and a New Best Friend

Claire's P.O.V

We were about to aboard the ship. It was the biggest ship we had EVER seen. I mean it was HUGE, words could not describe the beauty and massiveness of this ship. I was wearing a pink dress with a black bow and some nude wedge heels, while Shelby was wearing a black and white zig-zag striped skirt and a shirt with a zebra on it. Danielle was wearing nude flats and a purple dress just like mine.

Shelby's P.O.V.

     The ship was beautiful, the most beautiful thing  I'd ever seen, next to Niall Horan, (of course). Us girls had our own suites right next to each other and next to a girl by the name of Aurelia Elizabeth (going to be Lia later on). I was in suite one, Claire was in suite two, and Danielle was in suite three, with Aurelia next to her in number four. They were the most beautiful things we had seen next to one directions faces. I personally thought that Irish people were pretty sexy, so I liked Niall Horan's face the most. Our rooms had wallpaper, the wallpaper was one wall of out favorite band member, and the one of the three other walls had all of them, and the other two walls were a light mint green and the last wall was a mural of dolphins swimming around with other fish and sea things. The closets, were walk-in so, we had several shelves for shoes, and several shelves for bags/ purses, as well as some hooks for belts and other delicate things. With five racks for dresses we had way too much space in our closets.

Danielle's P.O.V.

There was this girl in the room next to mine, I saw her and had a little conversation with her before I unlocked my room, I opened the door while I still telling Aurelia that we,(Claire, Shelby, and I) were from Colorado, and that she was from New York city. I then had to say good-bye, to see my room and unpack my wardrobe for our three month cruise. I went into my suite and gasped at how beautiful it was, I mean seriously one wall had Harry styles on it and another had all of one direction upon it. The other two walls were mint green and blue like the ocean we were on. The bed was huge, but the bed spread was just beyond belief, there were five little signatures on the top corner, slightly faded, they were the signatures of my favorite Boy-Band, One Direction, and they were REAL. I almost died, did I go into the wrong room? I went out, looked at the number on the door and 4 was upon it, so I knew I was in the right room, but it seemed just a little bit too big for one girl alone, it had a huge closet, a bathroom with a jet tub, and a window view of the ocean and well, there were no words to describe how detailed it was, everything was amazingly intricate. I loved it. I wish I could stay here forever, I just wanted to lay on the bed and look at all this forever. Not even forever could describe how much I love this place. I hoped we could meet some cute guys who would likes us all for us, but that was unlikely because we just weren't the type that boys liked. You know the sort of quiet but still funny typical school girls. Anyway, I had done some thinking and I had already figured that I would buy an amazingly cute and adorable outfit that would just stun harry into silence on the boat. But that would probably not happen, because why on earth would Harry, THE HARRY STYLES notice me in a crowd of thousands? Right , he wouldn't, but I still had to try. I saw a shop at the bow of the ship that looked like the perfect place. suddenly my thought were interrupted by a knock on a door that I had not yet seen. I cautiously went and opened it, to find Aurelia standing patiently at the other side. The doors connected to our rooms, I wondered if Shelby and Claire had it too. I was about to ask her if I could help her when she said "hey there's a concert tonight, are you going and what are you going to wear?" "Yeah," I said "why, are you going?" Lia responded with "Yeah I'm going and will be wearing sweat-pants that I designed and a tee-shirt with Zayn's face upon it." "Oh so you like Zayn?" I asked. "yeah his eyes are just sooo dreamy...." she trailed off staring into space. "Uhh Aurelia, I'm still here.. "" oh sorry, I just got lost in thought about Zayn." "It's all good." I said. I knew I had found a best friend. 

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